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  1. My name is Morgan Woods, mostly a lone wolf traveling the lands of chernarus for years now. I am a very friendly player to those that are friendly back. I usually put to much trust into people as I have been betrayed many times. My passion for photography is out of this world. I never hesitate to capture an impeccable moment through my lens. I tend to watch people from afar, then make my appearance before they see me first. Starting off friendly of course. I traveled to this land to chase my dreams of a photographer and then the outbreak hit... I do anything I can to keep pushing forward! Before the outbreak, I was a sheriff by day and a photographer by night. I lived in a town called little rock Arkansas. Fought crime, knew how to handle a rifle, handgun, and anything i could get my hands on. Most people would think that photographers are nerds, But I wasn't no damn nerd. I would spend countless paychecks on my gear to take the most insane photos. The modern day Michael Angelo Through a lens perhaps. Before the out break hit, I had a family of 2, my loving wife and my 9 year old son. They told me they were on their way once the outbreak hit, they were on their way by plane. Once they landed she called me and told me “i’m here”. After that sentence then cell service snapped and ive been looking for them ever since. It has been 2 years looking for them, I’ve traveled everywhere and seen it all, all I want to do is find my family. I keep a photo of them right next to me at all times to remind my self to keep pushing forward to finding them. I’ve been in many situations that were pretty bad since the apocalypse hit, but I have always managed to keep going. I have also taken many pictures in this beautiful horrible place that I am now stuck in. With all the horrid in this world today, people can still manage to stay positive and be good. I am a good man, & ONE BADASS PHOTOGRAPHER!
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