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  1. RedMills

    DayZ Experiences

    A collection of screenshots and memories from the world of DayZ.
  2. RedMills

    Diary of Neo Galvani

    Dude! This is super cool and really creative, love it!
  3. RedMills

    He is his own man.

    Love the lighting on this one!
  4. Alex was born in the United States where he grew up with a love for the outdoors. From camping, to mountain climbing and even long distance backpacking, Sam was always looking for adventure. He had a pretty stable life at home with his family and friends, going to college to become an Environmental Engineer. He spent much of the little money he made during college to fund his trips out to trails all over the US, where he hiked large portions of trails such as the PCT and the AT. After finishing college, Alex decided to take a trip out to backpack all across Europe before he started his career, planning to travel to as many countries and hiking trails as he could. He ended up stuck in Europe when the infection had spread all over the continent and has been stranded since. Ever the optimist, Alex decided he'd make the best of this and continue to check out what sights the world offered him, and ultimately ended up in Chernarus, where he can be found hiking the overgrown yet still remarkably intact trails all over South Zagoria.
  5. The game has changed a lot over the years (though much has still stayed the same) so hopefully its to your liking! Welcome to the community
  6. Definitely not like that usually, I'm sure you'll find plenty of people to have good RP with in no time! And welcome to DayZRP!
  7. So I had logged in and decided to run to NWAF solo to look for some loot. Ended up getting that weird glitch where your player has his arm stuck in the air with his pistol where you can't fire (typical DayZ). I ended up somehow dropping the pistol and pulled out the AK and had to spray a bunch of zombies swarming me. After going through that I started walking north towards the tents at the airfield when I saw two guys running up to me from behind. @HDragon and @tossVC started talking to me, saying that they thought there was a gunfight going on and so they ran towards the shots. We ended up walking over towards the C-130 where the two of them started asking me questions and interrogating me and such. It was pretty clear that they were planning to rob me or some other sort of hostile RP when it felt like they were trying to bait me into some sort of initiation or some basis for them to hold me up for my gear. After conversing with the two of them, one of their characters I suppose was feigning that he is insulted by me just saying "okay" or such to one of them who was claiming to be Latin American (it was clear they weren't from their accent and the nature of the questions they were asking me) and they proceeded to tell me to put my hands up and walk into the C-130. Once we were in the aircraft they proceeded to tie me up with duct tape and take most of the gear off my body, including the clothes I had on, the guns, etc and threw other clothes on me. They were initially going to let me go to pass information to some group or another character elsewhere on the map, but as my character's progression had him in a rough spot in life, I told them my character was depressed and didn't wish to live much longer. So the two guys walked me out of the aircraft and told me to break the duct tape and to run down the length of the airfield and they would try to grant my characters wish. I did so and started running, and they eventually started shooting at me and I ended up unconscious. I woke up wounded and kept walking down the length of the airfield, as I would continue as my character who I didn't want to actually die at this point IC. I assumed they were shooting nearby zombies attracted by the shots at me as I kept hearing gunshots and then I suppose I dropped dead after blood loss or perhaps they came back and finished me off. So I'm not sure where any of my actions prior to me meeting the two of you or the brief IC chat we had would lead you to thinking I was in a larger group but like I said I was on my own. I didn't have any knowledge of @copeboy or was allied with anyone in this encounter. I also don't have any video evidence of my POV sorry.
  8. Nice video, keep it up guys! Also I can't believe I haven't ran into you guys yet
  9. Welcome! Hope I get to meet your character soon!
  10. RedMills

    Hi Guys

    Welcome back! Look forward to seeing you in-game again!
  11. As much as I don't support paying for a map when DayZ itself still has so many issues, I find it tempting, as I'm interested in the change of a map and scenery. In the end, I will probably find myself coming back to play in Chernarus as well, I doubt it will lose much of its player base.
  12. Great picture! This is definitely the kind of mood I try to capture in screenshots
  13. RedMills


    Nice find! Dont think I've seen any T34s before apart from on monuments and the like.
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