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  1. Robert Mackenzie arrived in Chernarus without much memory and seems to believe that he is not of this time. Clearly suffering from memory loss and other conditions, he thinks that he is a medieval Scottish noble transplanted to the present day and tries to convince (yet always seems to fail) anyone who will speak with him that this is the truth of his past. Mackenzie's accent is shoddy at best, which leads many to doubting that he is even Scottish at all. As a self proposed noble, he believes that he has a duty to protect the "common peasantry", yet still has somewhat of a superiority complex among other people he encounters, thinking his fictional status puts him above all others.
  2. Great picture! This is definitely the kind of mood I try to capture in screenshots
  3. RedMills


    Nice find! Dont think I've seen any T34s before apart from on monuments and the like.
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    Great view

    Awesome picture!
  5. RedMills

    DayZ Experiences

    A collection of screenshots and memories from the world of DayZ.
  6. John Kosciuszko was born in the United States to a Polish father and American mother. John grew up fascinated with history and language, which served him well as he continued his studies at university. While he originally held dual citizenship, he ultimately gave up his Polish citizenship when joining the US Military, as he felt a strong sense of duty and honor in serving his country, and his polyglot nature would prove to be beneficial to his work. After his term in the military was up, including several tours in the middle eastern region of the world, John somehow found himself in Eastern Europe, working as a "special adviser" for NATO forces and its allies, though his specific role and affiliation is not currently known. John considers himself a good person, even when the current situation in the world proves this to be incredibly difficult. While he may not always make good choices, he tries to make the right choice for whatever instance he finds himself in.
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