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  1. Mark Petrowicz is a young American man with strong familial roots in Eastern Europe, which led him to travel near Chernarus before the outbreak. After leaving the US Military, now a civilian and not yet quite ready to settle down in his career, Mark was hoping to expand his horizons and visit new places, creating new memories while backpacking across Europe. Mark, who was on the tail end of his extended trip in Europe, was unable to leave due to losing his passport and ID. He found himself alone, a foreigner stuck in a rapidly destabilized region in Eastern Europe with no way to return home. Now two years after the initial outbreak, Mark has wandered the lands of a world forever changed, having to rely on his skills and sheer will to live. Mark hopes to survive out in Chernarus, while holding onto faith that he may live through such dark times and one day can reunite with his family, if they are still alive.
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