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  1. Thank you guys, I love it!! Found my calling and my home, absolutely love everything about it!
  2. Carl Dean Garrison, is a 31yr old single white male, of which, before the outbreak lived with his 25yr old girlfriend, Allison Fern in Polana, and was employed at the Lumber Mill, as an Inspector. Things quickly went south after the outbreak, as his girlfriend Allison was lost in a tragic car accident when she was frantically trying to escape Polana. It wasn't the crash that killed her see, it was late in the evening, and she was trying to return to her parents house up north, to see if they made it out for the evacuation. The car skidded into a road block the military had setup, to direct traffic, in one direction out of the town. The car, smoking and steaming, she tries to escape thru the woods, and the men at the blockade were calling her to stop, but she disappeared into the night. She was found the next day, roaming the fields at the blockade, infected, and one of them. Carl was devastated, when what was left of the police force reported the sad news to him, he was heartbroken and lost. So with the heavy weight of fear, and sadness from losing his true love, Carl sets out in this wasteland to try to piece together, and rebuild with nothing left to his name but the clothes on his back, and the still fresh heartbreak from losing his beloved Allison.
  3. So excited, that I accidentally stumbled upon DayZ having an official RP!! I love games like: Escape from Tarkov , DayZ (obviously), Insurgency, and have dabbled in GTA RP as well! Hope to someday meet some of you out there..
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