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  1. Johann was always a smart kid growing up, although timid he always knew what to say in a situation. School wasn't a problem for him, his parents were confident that their son was top of the league. Getting a full ride to college he pursued Bio-engineering. He graduated top of his class in all academic fields, many thought he was a prodigy. Getting into his career field was no problem for Johann, his first position being a Senior Researcher at a small research facility in Berenzino. Johann's career was doing fine until the Chernarus situation started to happen. One day the government stormed into the research facility and took Johann and a couple other Sr. Scientists. They took them to a military owned bunker where they were told to help develop medicine for this disease. Johann and the other scientists stayed in this facility for months trying to develop a treatment to this disease, but no avail. A year went by and no progress has been made, Johann and his group had been shut out from the world, completely oblivious about what is unfolding outside. One day while Johann was researching with his peers they heard faint gunshots above them. They also noticed the soldiers one by one running towards the gunshots. Eventually the gunshots got louder and louder, then three men walked into the laboratory, they told Johann and the others to give the bandits all the possessions they had. After they threw Johann and the others against a wall. Pulling out their pistols they announced that they were going to kill the scientists. In a quick response Johann used one of his pencils and stabbed one of the perpetrators in the neck. He pried the firearm out of the man's hand, and put 3 shots into the other two men. They both collapsed on the ground, unconscious. The other scientists stared at Johann, analyzing the whole situation. Johann told the others to head with him up to the surface to look for help. Johann and his group head to the surface, coming to see what is left of civilization.
  2. Born in Hawaii, U.S. due to an affair with his mother and her boss. When his father found out he filed for divorce, including custody of the child. Ultimately he won custody and shortly following his father moved to Texas to start over. Kenny did well in school but always struggled with what he wanted to pursue as a career. Jumping from one gig to the next, nothing was sticking to him; nothing was motivating him enough. He eventually landed working customer relations at a small mom and pop restaurant. He eventually developed a love interest for a regular at the restaurant, a foreign exchange student that goes to the same school as Kenny. Her name was Sasha Osin, Kenny had some classes with her but was never close with her. Eventually Kenny worked up the courage to ask the girl out, surprisingly she said yes. They continued dating throughout high school, when they both graduated Sasha told Kenny that she was planning a month long trip to her homeland to visit her family. She extended the offer to Kenny, which he did accept. A couple weeks later they took off for the town of Stary Sobor, where her family lived. When they arrived her parents welcomed her and Kenny with open arms, the trip was going well until the Chernarus crisis started unfolding. Sasha's family took refuge in their homes and waited for the military to fix the issue, but the longer they waited the sounds of car honking and yelling got quieter. Eventually no noise could be heard throughout town, her parents were strict on staying in town as they feared leaving could kill them. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months. By the time that it had been about a year, they were searching trash cans for food. One foggy morning a roaring sound is heard throughout Stary, waking up Kenny and the others. When they looked outside they saw a helicopter slowly creeping over the town, they stared at the helicopter as it sat hovering over the town square for what seemed like 20 minutes. After the helicopter slowly flies away into the fog, disparaging. Kenny and the others thought that they were looking over the town for survivors and hoped that the military took control of the situation. As they were preparing lunch they heard shambling outside their house, when Kenny looked outside he saw that a massive horde of infected was making its way through the town. Eventually the infected found the house that they were staying in and started to swarm the house. Cramped in a small bedroom, the group tried thinking of ways to get out of this situation. Sasha's father proposed that they could flee the city, but Sasha declined saying that everyone leaving together is suicide. Kenny got the idea of everyone leaving in pairs, to maximize everyone's survival chance. Once he proposed it both parties agreed. One by one he saw the group running through the town, getting lost in the fog. When it became Kenny and Sasha's turn to go they decided to run south of Stary, since that was the rendezvous point for everyone. As Kenny and Sasha ran through Stary, the amount of infected was overwhelming. Through the chaos Kenny lost sight of Sasha, as he tried looking around he couldn't see anything in the thick fog. Hoping that she was still alive he fled south of Stary, when he arrived at the rendezvous point, he noticed no-one was there. He thought that maybe the others got lost outside of the town because of the fog so he decided to wait for them. As the sun started to set he got the dread that maybe they died, or ran in the wrong direction. He kept his hopes up and continued to wait at the point. But no-one arrived, in a country that he doesn't understand, Kenny decided to try to find his lost group. Hoping that they are still alive.
  3. Born in Naples, Italy. He was the first child of Oscar and Teresa Necci. Growing up Tito had a rebellious nature, often ignoring his mother and fathers orders. He had an unquenchable desire for independence, Tito would often run away from his parents to see how long he could last on his own. Simone, his younger brother surprisingly got along with Tito; Simone preached that helping people is the right thing to do, and understanding others is key to survive. While Tito had a strong belief that people should take care of themselves and their own needs. When Tito turned 18 he attended college, studying Engineering; he ended up moving to Germany to continue his studies. He picked up a gig at a local bar, being a bartender. When the news unfolded that his brother and father were stuck in Elektro, Tito packed his bags and started heading to Chernarus. After traveling hundreds of miles he finally found himself in Chernarus; ready to find his lost brother and father.
  4. Born and raised in Naples, Simon lived a normal life. Like any other kid he had his own interests and hobbies. His parents worked government positions, his mother being a Italian Ambassador for the United States; while his father was a well-known human rights activist. Due to his mother being from the United States, he knew how to speak English fluently with an almost un-noticeable accent. Simon often had to learn abroad as his father would take him on his campaign trips around the world. When his father heard about the disappearances of the witnesses of Kamensk, he organised a rally at the town of Elektrozavodsk on July 12th. On July 9th, Simon and his father took a boat up to Elektro. When the time came for the rally, mass immigration of refugees took over the coasts of Elektro. His father decided to use his resources to create a refugee camp for those who were affected. When the boats were preparing for a mass exodus, Simon and his father stayed and tried to help more refugees. When Simon's mother heard of the news she wanted her husband and son to return to Naples. But Simon's father declined and told her that he dedicated his whole life to helping others. But as time continued the crisis worsened. When the infected started to overrun those left in Elektro Simon lost his father to the infection. Simon joined a small group of refugees where he became a nomad, travelling from city to city; seeing whats left of civilization. He and his group managed to get by the winter, with some stores having preserved food he never had to worry about hunting. But the following winter was catastrophic on his group. Having to eat bark off trees to stay alive, finding food become a lifeline. The sub zero temperatures was hard on his group, and with constant snowstorms and blizzards. Many of his friends died to hypothermia, he managed to get through winter with one foot in the grave. When spring came along he felt tired of constantly moving around, worrying about if the next meals is his last. He set his sights on rebuilding society and helping people like what his father wanted to do.
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