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  1. Link to character's twitter: https://twitter.com/TyJones61006 Link to character: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-583/
  2. Tyrone (Ty) Jones was born in the streets of Atlanta as his father was a blood then later into Ty's years at the early age of 15 he became a Blood Gang member, he hates crypts has they were his number one rival back in the states, Hus father was gunned down when a drive by was called on Ty but his father was killed instead of him, He is very hostile with any new people that try to talk to him, They must earn his trust for him to at least tolerate them. He wants to paint the streets in red all over the world, he wants to help people go in the right direction which he believes is the Blood Gang. His mother also died due to leukemia 2 years after he father was murdered. Now he is in chernarus as he was out of the country to get away from the law till the heat was cooled down.
  3. CJ in a meme and hostile group? What’s new?
  4. I mean we have the right to turn you away people in the group have Rp as well just like the section 20 the use to have a big base and they had a lot of gear but yet they still went out because they did not want to stay in all the time, I live in the fire station at NadBor and everyone in town knows how I am because I go outside my base and Rp with others, not all people stay in their base 24/7
  5. but you do realize you are asking to remove base building that was put in the game by the Dayz developers because they believe it would be a lot better game because of it and it has, I have raided so many bases because I wanted to get to someone and a lot of times I have succeeded. Its not that hard to raid a base, post some snipers out, get people to watch the guy sawing the hacksaw and when you are in hit your shots or take people hostage that you want to take hostage.
  6. Im with my buddy Dallas on this one because it make it easier for hostile groups to come bust your door down and take everything or kill everyone. My group is based around us base building together and Rping as we build, it builds relationships between characters and it gives us visions of what we can do with the base building mechanic, We would have never been able to do what we did in Novo when Umbra was there, We built a community, we Rped, and everyone had fun. When base is built characters feel safe and feel like they can trust the people on the inside and we wont have people trying to attack us depending on how easy it is to raid say base. If you go to Nadbor, The Wardens have a base and we give people that need it, same goes for forgotten mountain, We had Ex 503 members come to our base and demanded to be let in, needs to say we didn't but what if we didn't have gates, then would've rushed inside instead of talking and given us a chance to state our case in what happened, They would've held us up and we would not be able to defend our self because of the NVL rule there were about 9 maybe and we had only 3 people. They would've executed us or took everything we had because there was base building and we did not have our 3 gates and fences to stop them from coming in. Thank you guys for listening, -Doctor Ice Try limiting the amounts of gates and or fences have maybe but like make it reasonable I don't know but without base building there will be a lot of hold ups and more executions.
  7. I would also like to point out that the OP has a streak of playing on the server for like 20 something days and it took a week and a half for this report to go up I'm not saying anything more until I'm @ by an admin
  8. 4.8 Griefing is act of damaging or destroying a player base, storage container, vehicles or their contents using OOC knowledge, ill intent or doing so without IC reasoning that is proportionate to the damage done. IC was following Joel and they broke the treaty that THEY signed.
  9. @Johnny Navid You are taking things ooc into IC we are still WB brothers but why is 2 people in the report in this report commenting when they were not there for the raid or not @ by an admin and again in the logs we did not grief We hit ya'lls house because it was not hit by the 503 and that is what we did so I see no grief here during the raid and we did an legit raid
  10. 503 hit you guys before we did I already knew the codes so why would we have to break a Hesco Barrier, destroy 2 walls that coming in 2 different directions, as you can see in the logs we did not destroy any walls or any Hesco Barriers So no we did not grief, we did an actual legit raid took the lockers for more storage for us and they had good stuff in them, You can ask CJ the leader of 503 because he told me that he did indeed raid y'all.
  11. We only raided you once, we could’ve taken everything but we didn’t, this was last week so I’m surprised this report can actually be made since it was so long ago, y’all took the stuff back and left a note saying “Don’t take our lockers ;)” So if you want an apology for raiding you then I’m sorry @Kas but you took the stuff back, we only hit you once. The other times I have no idea. Those walls were already down when we got there. (Note I was with homefront for a week maybe and Stark which is a member was complaining about not having nails so we all thought the walls were just no finished yet, and the wall missing in the last picture was already taken down and Homefront leader said they were hit by someone I forgot the name of the group)
  12. I would like to point out that I have tried twice to talk to him about the claims that he says I said such as: "OP said he wants to request for the report to be taken down." I highly would like to see prove of this from you @CJ that I said this because I'm most certainly did not say anything close to that. And again I do not want sound like an ******* to anyone but I would also like to see prove of that calm and He declined once and not has said anything on the other request to speak with him in The help desk I also understand that he does not have to accept to speak with me.
  13. 1. Someone was killed outside outside of our wall during the BBQ (That was Saturday Night 03/21/2020) 2. Raid on Sunday morning 03/22/2020 @TearsFallSilent was held up in the compound immediately when he woke up then was killed this was at the same time they were offline raiding us 3. @CJ and @Ingvalid showed up to the base and decided to shoot in the base when it was a 2 to 10 (03/23/2020 Monday Morning) Also if you go back to CJ's messages he says "See you in a hour or two" which he does come back as seen below. 4. I was killed in a gunfight when initiation happened, @Ingvalid and @JJRambow was offline raiding us that was the (03/23/2020 Monday night) 5. 3 of us was in the compound and that was when they were very hostile, Hack sawing our gate and I did not know that at the time but I told them if they came in we were going to shoot and that is what we did. (That was Wednesday 03/25/2020) We counter on all of the all offline raids and They stashed everything within 500 meters of us the first offline raid and the second one they stashed it in the apartment building less than 300 meters away from us to the East of our compound. We counter because we could clearly see where they stashed it and it would make no sense to why we wouldn't get our stuff back if its in plain sight. So in all hostile events there were 5 total.
  14. I did not say that @CJI said at the end of our chat that “I come from a long line of stubborn Americans and I will be keeping the report up.” I have no idea what Kings ridge is the first time I even about them oocly is in this report and never heard of them ICly. I’m making this report because not just for me having better role play experience in the future but also everyone that’s in the group I’am in. I’m keeping the report regardless of Kings ridge and whatever you did to them. I hope all is well and won’t this report affect any role play experience with me or my group. and I hope you don’t take this like I’m an ******* but I just want to acknowledge you on this and jog your memory of what I said in the help desk chat.
  15. I was there before the imitated happened, @Elmo can clarify this statements as I killed by one of them while complying to a nameless member, and I also have a small clip of 503 offline raiding us and that is I made contact with Mia and Mason. So I did not wander in I was in the fight but I was complying but was killed by a mistake and that is fine. I just want to let you know that I did not just wander in it.
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