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  1. Server and location: S1 and Im not sure what town, I was a bambi Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10/18/2019 9:15 pm EST central, sorry dont know the server time Your in game name: Harley Dutton Names of allies involved: NATO Name of suspect/s: Im not sure Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Yes Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no sadly but you can check log Detailed description of the events: I was in town on the road still and he came straight at me and killed me i dont know anything else.
  2. MOS=0311 Rank= Master Sergeant Pay Grade= E-8 Bootcamp= Paris Island South Carolina & School Of Infantry= Camp Pendleton, California. Based out of = 29 Palms CA He would be apart of the 2nd unit fire team, 1st Rifle Platoon, Kilo Company , 3rd Battalion 4th Marine regiment otherwise known as the 3/4 He was on a family trip with his parents and his sister because he had just gotten back from tour, then about 3 years ago some virus hit and got to his family but not him, he ran for his life killing anything in his path, soon he realized that he might be on his and needs to survive so he can get back home. Now he is wandering Chernarus on his own.
  3. drop report I don't care anymore @Saunders
  4. I would also say everyone that in this event everyone had an armband and I had no armband on as well.
  5. Server and location: Server one and Novy Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): roughly 02:00 to 02:05 Your in game name: Blake Dutton Names of allies involved: Name of suspect/s: Legion Corp. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was headed to Novy to help my allies to fight the Legion Corp., I was in the feild and I saw someone moving in town, I looked through my scope that was on my gun but there was no way they knew that I was apart of Operation Custodia or even apart of this event that was happening in Novy I was not even in my groups uniform , if you look at my video you can clearly see I just arrived on the scene with no armband but was shot at instantly, I was going to reinitiate because I was not with an active group at the time.
  6. @NorwayRP I recommend you watch the video again and slow it down to .5 or .25 speed, upon doing so go to 28 seconds on the video. When Forest Gump turns around you will notice that the individual you are referencing above is leaned over the railing getting shot by G19 causing his player model to twitch. I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just saying why would he aim his gun at that moment in time.
  7. https://gyazo.com/d6ceb3bf144b43e40a5b39f5be7eed31 He is clearing not aiming is gun, he is twitching because he was shot by a 5.56 bullet.
  8. 03:49:14 | Player "Mikael Belanger" hit by Player "Blake Dutton" with FNX-45 from 6.5707 meters 03:49:15 | Player "Mikael Belanger" hit by Player "Blake Dutton" with FNX-45 from 7.85308 meters 03:49:15 | Player "Blake Dutton" hit by Player "Mikael Belanger" with AK-74 from 7.05858 meters 03:49:15 | Player "Blake Dutton" hit by Player "Mikael Belanger" with AK-74 from 7.48897 meters They were after me yes but again I do get a 5 seconds to comply but instead I got like 1 at best 2 seconds. I would not keep replying if I did not know if I was absolutely right in this case, they ruined this Rp experience for me and it has been very annoying when this event happened. and I like to see any video proof that I am wrong @NorwayRP since he his going by the logs -USER HAS BEEN WARNED FOR THIS POST-
  9. Blake Dutton is my in game name, part of Operation Custodia, around 11:40 pm to 12:00 pm est (server time 03:40 to 04:00) we were approached by two legion members then minutes past by having a nice conversation, they turn around and tell us to put our hands up then not even 10 seconds past I was being shot at point blank then I return fire now keep in mind I was the first one in my group to shoot because I was being shot at for no reason and I had defender rights from then "holding us up". They did not give 10 seconds that is so post to be provided to the ones that are being held up, no I got a maximum of 2 seconds before I was being sprayed at. I was KOSed, my shadow did not record. I believe someone in my group has proof of that and of them boosting in our base as well. I do not like how people can say "Hands up or die" then not give use the time that is in the rules of the server.
  10. On a family trip to Chernarus after serving two tours in Afghanistan, only to be greeted by the out break of the infected and lost his family during the chaos that the country made, he promise to himself he would fine his family for whatever the cost might be, 6 years have gone by and the people he meets cares for them and treats them like they are his family and gives them whatever they need to survive this outbreak, he has not been close with anyone for 6 years because he believes everyone that gets close to him dies.
  11. Doctor Ice


    I am Doctor Ice and looking to have nice RolePlay experience on this server I am From the United States and I am 20 years old I'm a small streamer (not gonna advertise just because I know that's a rule) My question is how long does this whitelist for my application (I just did it and it says I'm 5/5 que). That is all :D!
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