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  1. On a family trip to Chernarus after serving two tours in Afghanistan, only to be greeted by the out break of the infected and lost his family during the chaos that the country made, he promise to himself he would fine his family for whatever the cost might be, 6 years have gone by and the people he meets cares for them and treats them like they are his family and gives them whatever they need to survive this outbreak, he has not been close with anyone for 6 years because he believes everyone that gets close to him dies.
  2. Doctor Ice


    I am Doctor Ice and looking to have nice RolePlay experience on this server I am From the United States and I am 20 years old I'm a small streamer (not gonna advertise just because I know that's a rule) My question is how long does this whitelist for my application (I just did it and it says I'm 5/5 que). That is all :D!
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