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  1. Lost his parent at a young age, Alucard had nothing to live for; nobody was taking him seriously for anything. He couldn't take anything seriously, so he was trying to find a way to do so. At the age of 18, he joined the army to find a path in his life; at least that was what he thought so. One day an urgent mission was arranged in which they had to secure an old factory building in chernarus. The building was empty, But they were geared to the teeth. Everyone had their questions, but there was nobody to answer. Commander issued an order "Shoot Whatever moved!" says the commander. However, there was nothing to shoot. Alucard had a weird feeling. All of a sudden, there was shadows and footsteps all over the place. The problem was they couldn't see them, and you can't shoot what you can't see. The commander ordered them to get closer and check the whole building. So did they. They separated in 4 squads containing 4 soldiers each team. Alucard's squad, which was the Second one was to check the second floor. after checking every room and office and finding nothing but blood all over the place, Alucard was more than sure that there is something horrible waiting for them. Suddenly, gunshots could be heard from the first floor. The second squad which was Alucard's squad rush to the first floor but found nothing but dead bodies of the first squad. Everyone was horrified. They decided to get out of the building. While running, they could hear gunshots both from the third floor and outside of the building. They got out of the building, and that's where they spotted the enemy, dead walking human beings or Zombies. Alucard was scared, but he started shooting at them there was a lot of them, one squad could do nothing. Moreover, Alucard's comrades had already escaped. Three helicopters started shooting at everything that was moving in the area Alucard being one of them. Alucard fell on the Ground covered in blood dead bodies around him and was wondering how is he still alive. A rocket impacted the Ground; everything went black for Alucard. when he opened his eyes he found himself by the beach covered in blood and sand it's like somebody dragged him there, but there was nobody except him. And there is where the story began.
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