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  1. Jake grew up in a poor family. Jake had a father who wasted all of his money on alcohol, and always when Jake´s father came home he would start yelling at Jake´s mother and Jake for no reason. Luckily Jake´s father wasn´t like other drunk dads, he would never beat his son nor his wife. Jake even learnt a lot from his father, his dad taught him how to write, taught him how to read, since they couldn´t afford to pay for the school, Jake never went to school and learnt everything with his father. One day, Jake found out that his father lost his job. His father then started robbing people for money to keep the family healthy, his father would do anything to keep his family alive. But one day, Jake´s father got shot by police, his father charges on 3 police officers with a knife, they fired a total of 13 shots. 5 of them hit his dead, 2 in his stomach, 1 in the heart and 2 in his head. Jake became very angry, left his mother, left everything behind and started hiding in the forest, because of his anger, he started killing people. He didn´t want any money, all he wanted was justice for his dad. Years went by and Jake has killed a total of 60 people, Chernarus police force, couldn´t find him so they decided to set up few groups of professionally trained police officers to search the woods for Jake since they knew he was hiding in the woods, they never found him. In the morning there were also reports of 5 dead police officers found in the woods. And Jake is hiding in the forest till this day.
  2. Kamzik Jones used to be a firefighter in Chernogorsk even though he lived in Stary Sobor. He used to wake up every morning at 8:00AM, hopped in his beautiful Olga and drive his way down to Chernogorsk. He also had his firefighter axe on his backseat, in case of emergency. One morning when Kamzik woke up totally changed his life forever. Woke up to a weird sound from outside saying "What the frick is going on? Still have 1 more hour till I need to go to Chernogorsk". So he stood up and looked out of the window, outside dozens of heavily armed CDF vehicles going on the road,he didn´t know where they we´re going. He called in his wife so she can see aswell what´s happening. His wife told him, that she needs to go down to Chernogorsk since she also worked as a police officer there so she went. But the worst part was, that she never came back, at about 8:30PM Kamzik decided to hop in his car and try to find her, totally forgot to lock the front door while his son was still in there watching cartoons. "It was too dark out there, I didn´t know where to go, I got lost, there was fog, seemed like nature didn´t wanted me to go in Chernogorsk, but suddenly I saw a guy standing next to the road, not moving. I decided to go closer and ask him for directions. When I came closer I noticed that something wasn´t right about that person. Bloody running down his mouth and his shirt, his clothes totally ruined, so I decided to say "Hey buddy, are you alright?". He turned faster than a lightning and started running at me, in panic I put the car in reverse and accidentally hit a tree. Hopped out of the car and started running into the darkness, didn´t know where I was going till I decided to stop and get my lighter out, slowly started turning when I saw the creature looking at me with his red eyes, I knew he is not just a regular person, he started running at me, I gave him a couple of warnings that I´m gonna smash hit head if he doesn´t take a step back so I did. Waited in the forest till the morning and after that I somehow got back to Stary, it seemed like a miracle but as a horror movie at the same time, there was nobody in Stary, like a ghost town. When I came home I found out the doors where open, I came in slowly and screamed "Hello! Anybody home?". No answer even though I heared someone walking upstairs, later I found out it was my little son, Billy, he also became one of those creatures, he jumped on me, but I couldn´t kill him, he was my son afterall, so I managed to lock him in one of the rooms downstairs and after that I went upstairs sad, hopping it was just a dream. It wasn´t, not long after I started hearing shots from outside, some people broke down the doors to my house and started running in, I hid in my closet but they found me, punched me in the face and I instantly layed down" Kamzik then woke up down in Chernogorsk, didn´t know where exactly he was when he woke up since he was in a industrial building, he didn´t know who were the people who did that to him, why did they bring him to Chernogorsk and after that he had to learn how to survive in the new world.
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