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  1. Alright that sucks but its all good, thank you for letting me know though.
  2. I was near the north edge of the map and got into my car when it showed me above water and then my game crashed. When I logged back into the same server which is S1, I was all the way down by Zelenogorsk. All I want to know is if it can be fixed and if I can be teleported back to where my car was by an admin or something. If that that's fine just inconvenient, I genuinely have no clue what happened and I would be so thankful if this got addressed at the very least.
  3. I was meeting up with my friend in the same town and my friend entered the blue hospital in the video when he thought he was getting shot at. I was up in a field kinda above the town at the time when he told me he was getting shot at. I zoomed in my scope to look for the guy shooting at my friend and saw him on the van and from my PoV, it looked like he was aiming through the window of the hospital so I shot him in defense of my friend. I don't have video or photographic proof unfortunately, but this was just a misunderstanding on my end.
  4. Born in Dublin, his family moved to Chernarus for a better life and ended up in the small country side town of Pusta. His family became farmers which he then adapted too. His father was caring but worked Jeremy and his brother Thomas hard in the the fields. His mother made clothing that she sold to other people of the town. He later because a police officer at the city of Cherno and was there for 5 years until the infection hit the area. His main goal is to reunite with his family that he doesn't know is even alive anymore and his childhood friend. His friend who never actually told Jeremy his name when they were younger has left signs for Jeremy back in Pusta that he is still alive and out there somewhere. Jeremy's determination and focus might be enough to get him through the wasteland for now, but if his family doesn't turn up or they do turn up but not the way he would expect, then motivating factor removed from his life may just be the end of it. Assuming his friend doesn't turn up either.
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