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  1. okay done all of that but it says am still banned
  2. Character bio Name : Paul Known as : Trick Trick.Occupation: Scottish Freedom Fighter. Before the outbreak , i was busy fighting for Scotland's independence as protester in my spare time. But working for MI5 came under intense pressure to stop my current actives as did not look good for the agency. i then used my high level security to leak high level information to damage the English government hoping it would boost our cause for free Scotland, but in the end did not work in my favor as arrest warrant was issued for my arrest. left with only option was to run lucky the captain of the red freighter was a friend of mine and offed free passage After the outbreak i was already on red freighter to chernarus as an exile of Scotland till ship crashed on chernarus still wanted man on my island but were now not on my island now and i have my freedom once again. seen the infeted up close as eveyone on the ship turned still do not know why everyone turned but it was hard putting my friend down (the captain) just lucky the ship crashed on chernarus as i dont know the first thing about sailing ship.
  3. ok cool but i cant change the name
  4. nope no private messages at all
  5. i dont have any messages
  6. just went to log in and now my character is now invailed and temporarily ban wtf man was fine last night
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