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  1. I was born to a Upper Middle Class family In Eastern Kentucky. Most of my family had been in the Military so I figured id give it a shot, I trained vigorously day in and day out. By the time I was 18 I was ready to a soldier. I joined the U.S. Marines and was one of the best soldiers they had seen In the last few years so they had high hopes for me. I was stationed in Germany where I remained for Four years earning the Rank of Cpt. When I finally left the military I needed a break and a nice vacation. I found a place called Chernarus where The countryside looked nice and the people were very cultured and I was excited about visiting. By the time I arrived in June political tensions were rising rapidly but I did not really fear any wars happening. On July 10th things had gone to hell. Bombs going off and Tiny amounts of infected were moving infecting people left and right so I went to the woods to wait out what was happening. I came out after three weeks of living on animals to a world of which I had never seen. What was this place? How do I get home?
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