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  1. Unfortunately a lot of people make characters and end up being attached to them, making them not want to PK. It can definitely make RP very annoying with someone to say the least.
  2. It is true that most of the active player base are groups. It is unfortunate but I don't think most players want to run around being robbed by 2 hostile groups all day. Which probably has a lot to do with server pop currently as well as the map.
  3. I agree with you @Jared I think giving people a second chance, (or even a third chance lol), could be beneficial to the community as a whole, but there come a lot of risks with that unban wave that I'm not sure that staff wants. I think the best thing that can be done right now is to just see where the player base stands as the current lore progresses and if it keeps dropping maybe switch back to Chernarus. Just my opinion of course.
  4. Gaming time! Gonna be a good time rolling around with the boys!
  5. Glad to see you guys come back after that long break! I look forward to interactions with you guys as long as @ImDingo and @ImNovaaa will be present.
  6. @Masonsheesh nothing but amazing roleplay tonight boys!
  7. Jacob Edwards always grew up on the move, living in the woods was a hard upbringing. But on the bright side, he was learning skills to keep him alive later on down the road, so he wasn't angry at the idea of it. He had always heard stories about this massive pandemic happening across the world, but he had never wanted to see it first hand. While scavenging one morning on the outskirts of a town he had found a family being held at gunpoint by another man, so being the person he was he told the man to stop. Well he should had known it was a bad idea in the first place when the man swung his rifle around at him and starting letting loose a fury of lead at him. He managed to get safe, but the people behind him, his family he had not realized had followed him, they weren't so lucky. Desperate and alone he continued to scavenge for food and supplies wherever he could. From people he had seen and overheard over the years he had some to hear about these places with droves of people seeking refuge from the harsh environment around them. Trying to find this place, called Nyheim. He would eventually stumble upon the ruins of a once great place, the place humanity had established to thrive, now basically empty. What had happened here? What will happen now?
  8. This group was alot of fun with the boys! But the time has come to where we want to do other things. With that being said, Please Archive this group.
  9. A Psychologists job is to try to find out what caused people to do these acts in the first place. Not put a hand on their shoulder and tell them everything is okay, they are there to find out what causes these triggers to understand more about what goes through someone's mind to cause such an incident. At the end of the day I see no reason to justify the actions rapists and murder's take. They deserve no sympathy. For as long as history can tell people have been killed for doing crimes such as these. Even in the 12th Century there were cases of rape that were considered "Capitol Punishment" by the Greeks and Romans. Often times the Victim or family of the victim were allowed to carry out the punishment themselves. I understand there is huge time difference between the two times, but the same things still hold true today that murder (Cannibalism), and Rape are horrible offences that should not be shown mercy and compassion.
  10. Such a fun event! I can't wait for more!
  11. Cant wait to watch this amazing roleplay!
  12. Just to clarify on this, I fired warning shots to get everyone to back up to give us room to feel safe, returning fire on us ultimately put the lives of your group in danger. I also yelled to back up before I did shoot.
  13. Chase's POV: Me and @HDragon go into the town to try to get some information on two groups working together, it is decided we will take them hostage before entering the town. I stay out of sight of people so I can come up behind the poor lads we trick. After they make it to the overlook of the pub I sneak up behind them telling them not the say a word before they drop their radios (mainly for fear or Meta, can never be too careful.) We tell them if anyone shows up to save them they will be shot. Then proceed to have some pretty funny roleplay when I notice a couple guys sneaking up to us in the woods. They tell us to put our hands up then shoot at us, that is when @HDragon shoots the hostages. I feel he was completely correct in this situation since we made our demands loud and clear the second the encounter started. I would like to quote what was said earlier "4.6 - Bullet Point 4 - Approved group of the hostage or their allies refuse to negotiate or open fire on hostage takers." I would also like to ask how your men knew where we were considering while you were in the town noone was informed of where you were going, and at the same time you couldnt have talked on the radios since you put your hands up before you even spoke. If your hands are up you would not have been able to press the PTT on your radios. Besides all that it was a very fun interaction.
  14. Chase Reynolds pov: I radio for a pickup after waking up near Zelenogorsk, Callahan radios me back saying he is coming to pick me up so we can get some nails on the way back to the pub. that is all the information I have in this situation.
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