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  1. ChaseVC

    DayZRP 19.10.1

    When will the new mod be put in to the server?
  2. *Karl would pick up his radio and press the ptt* Hello there! would love to talk to you guys while drinking a couple beers sometime, but besides that, nice fight earlier! *He would release the ptt as he walks toward his quiet Lopatino cabin*
  3. ChaseVC


    @TIMELAPSE hasn't been able to play we've reached out to him and he will be on soon. The same for @Powerjake.
  4. The First View of the toxic gas!

    Toxic Gas.jpg

  5. ChaseVC


    Bobby’s back!
  6. ChaseVC

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    I think making the fast travel have a 24 hour cool down and making it only available for premium users or to purchase standalone would work.. But im mostly against it even though it would have it's benifits. But I think it largely accustoms to the lazy player.
  7. Starting to get real tired of @JorrdanVC and his big 4head

  8. Welcome to the club bb

    1. ChaseVC


      thanks dad!


  9. We were going through the field between vmc hill and the plane crash when my buddy called out over radio there was a guy at his position, I run over there and I am told he is "unconscious". My friend text rp's with him multiple times to no avail. He then flips us off and logs out of the server. We meet another man less than 2 minutes later and we talk to him instead for some rp. This quote is when my friend ask's what his name is.
  10. Cant wait for this shiz
  11. ChaseVC

    S2: Invalid kill - Orlovets - 18/08/2019 01;00

    My POV: Chase Reynolds We were running down the road after being called in by friends from Operation Custodia asking us to help.. since I am apart of Custodia I came to help with the guys from Viperial. we spot 2 people running through the field at us and from my point of view im in a ghillie running up the hill to the north when we start hearing snaps from a suppressed weapon. After that, Toss takes the shots on them without them being able to return fire that I could hear. We run up to the bodies and discover there are about 10 shots missing from the akm in their hands. That is all I saw from my pov.
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