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  1. you kinda cute bruh. i got insta. you too?

  2. Merry Christmas Everyone!

  3. hol up.. @Nick Plasse @Johnny Navid. Good luck boyos!
  4. Great Video! Also #FreeTurkRP @Turk-chan
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: My computer crashed during the fight and I was never given any way of explaining that during the report, I feel like I should have been as least asked about it. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: N/A What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get the points and the ban taken away. What could you have done better?: I could have gone to help desk to inform someone that my computer had crashed during the fight.
  6. @Turk-chan im dead inside

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      nuthin just a 3 day ban so now im bored

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    font is hella ugly tho no cap

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  9. Karl Sanders POV: We are at Wolfpack's base where it is decided upon that we will go check the Prison Island to see how Corp has recovered from the previous attack that we had done so swiftly the night prior. As we pull to the crossroads below Sinistok, Ryan Shepherd and crew walk up and decide to tag along, we drive through Balota, coming up on Komarovo where we see approximately 5-8 people (I do not have an exact number because I was tabbed out watching youtube while we drove), I tab back in and see multiple people at the Balota side of town that start booking it toward the hill's so we chase after them, I split off heading into the hill to look for the rest, after 5 minutes of chasing the boys catch one and start talking to them. I hear 5 minutes later over radio that Nintinskovich has told someone to put their hands up, I am currently on the hill above them during the time that all of this is happening, I didn't witness him kill @groovy pips, but I did hear him mention dropping radios multiple times as he double mic'd talking to her. Only @AidanVC @Daddy19RP initiated during this time. After @groovy pips is killed, I decide to come off the hill to run to the lighthouse around 300(ish) meters to my west that overlooks the southern highway. I get there and the boys swim over to prison island to look for any Corp that are there, unfortunately though, there are not any. So we decide to drive off where we meet Bands, bands initiates on Kordruga, and is subsequently killed for his actions by the one true Kord. We start driving north and I tab back out to finish watching my video. I hear multiple times (I play on windowed mode and can still hear in game audio) that if we go through Pavlovo we are going to die and to be ready to fight, as we are rolling through barricades multiple Russians come out with guns aiming at us yelling "Dobre Den Motherfuckers" (or something close to that), and we hit a barricade and almost everyone in the back is glitched out and is stuck sitting down, the angry ruskies start shooting the bed of the truck and I try to relog and my pc crashes, I get my pc started again and while loading up DayZ someone shoots Ryan and Oxen. Before I get back in the Russians run away from the truck and I end up living through it. A couple concerns: 1. I feel like the people that killed us shouldn't have had rights on us due to them running away from the situation that had gone on prior to the attack on us. 2. I feel like after the truck stopped they started shooting without yelling an initiation at all. 3. I feel like they Invalidly Executed @Ryan Shepherd and @OxeN.
  10. I don't think we should ban people for this, rather give them a warning to manage it in the proper way the next time they think about doing something like this. In a highly populated have a water jug of "purified water" or stuff of that nature. I think that could give a good element of "infected wells" and whatnot. Just my opinion though.
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