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  1. ChaseRP


    This group was alot of fun with the boys! But the time has come to where we want to do other things. With that being said, Please Archive this group.
  2. A Psychologists job is to try to find out what caused people to do these acts in the first place. Not put a hand on their shoulder and tell them everything is okay, they are there to find out what causes these triggers to understand more about what goes through someone's mind to cause such an incident. At the end of the day I see no reason to justify the actions rapists and murder's take. They deserve no sympathy. For as long as history can tell people have been killed for doing crimes such as these. Even in the 12th Century there were cases of rape that were considered "Capitol Punishment" by
  3. Such a fun event! I can't wait for more!
  4. Cant wait to watch this amazing roleplay!
  5. Just to clarify on this, I fired warning shots to get everyone to back up to give us room to feel safe, returning fire on us ultimately put the lives of your group in danger. I also yelled to back up before I did shoot.
  6. Chase's POV: Me and @HDragon go into the town to try to get some information on two groups working together, it is decided we will take them hostage before entering the town. I stay out of sight of people so I can come up behind the poor lads we trick. After they make it to the overlook of the pub I sneak up behind them telling them not the say a word before they drop their radios (mainly for fear or Meta, can never be too careful.) We tell them if anyone shows up to save them they will be shot. Then proceed to have some pretty funny roleplay when I notice a couple guys sneaking up to us in th
  7. Chase Reynolds pov: I radio for a pickup after waking up near Zelenogorsk, Callahan radios me back saying he is coming to pick me up so we can get some nails on the way back to the pub. that is all the information I have in this situation.
  8. Growing up in Paintsville, Kentucky Chase had a quiet life. He had a loving mother and father who were always working. Around the time he turned 10 years old he started hanging out around the Fire Department since his cousin was working there. He grew to love the life of a Firefighter, Something about helping people made him feel proud and successful. He joined the Department at 18 working as an interior firefighter entering buildings to put fires out. After alot of close calls and seeing many lives ruined by accidents that were unavoidable, he decided to take a break from the department. He s
  9. ChaseRP


    Lets get after it!
  10. ChaseRP


    The Dossers are a rough group of survivors whose main goal is to survive against all odds. After countless times of running in the wrong direction and losing many friends, the boys decided they must act in their own interest. No longer will they stick their neck out for others, but only for their friends and the close ones they call family. THE BEGINNING Callahan, Kato, and Alan walk down a cold and empty dirt road. It’s the beginning of winter. The three boys find a small cabin and lock it down before starting a fire in the fireplace. The three sit around and cook the f
  11. "I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers. Thank you. Now watch this drive" -George W. Bush
  12. As a proud Russian, Legasov has always loved his country. When he was 17, he enlisted into the Army as an infantry man. Proving himself well in both Chechnyan wars, he became a part of the Spetznaz. Learning great tactics and combative skills, he became a true killer. He had killed many supposed Chechnyan nationals, mainly terrorists. In 2010, he was hired into the KGB, in 2014 working in intelligence against Ukrainian during the annexation. Later, he joined the FSB division, working in internal security. He has been sent to Chernarus to survey ongoing events. (LORE CHARACTER)
  13. Found that song you were looking for. 


  14. you kinda cute bruh. i got insta. you too?

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