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  1. I keep getting Bad version, server rejected connection. What do I do? and yes I have downloaded new mod, mods are in correct order, and I have looked at other post to try and fix it but nothing seems to work.
  2. Thanks so much! I'm enjoying it so far!
  3. Well my name is Malik Bloodit. I was born on August 20th, 1990. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania by both my mom and dad. I grew up normally and went to school the college got a degree in IT management. With that me and my IT team have been doing military contracts for a few years now. We picked up a contract by the CDF on July 6th and landed in Chernarus late night on the 6th. We were working and doing what we came to do but I could tell something just wasn't right. Then the outbreak happened. Our camp got over run by the infected and a few of my guys got infected and we got split up from the military. Ever since then I've been scavenging on the little food and water I've been able to find. I'm hoping to come in contact with some other survivors or the military to find a way out or a way to survive.
  4. Ah I gotcha! thanks so much I knew I was missing something
  5. I could be missing something but when I go through to download the Mod onto DayZ launcher local Mod I get this message Compile Error Cant compile "World" script Module! drp/ZomBerry/scripts/4_World/zomberrycamfree.c(77):undefined function 'GetRPCManager' What do I do? Or what have I messed up on?
  6. Thank you! I have been browsing around the site looks really cool and a interesting community Thank you Luke and Realize, I appreciate it.
  7. Hey guys my name is Chase. Ive been looking for a good RP server to play cause I enjoy playing RP in games. I look forward to meeting everyone! I did just get the game but have been watching youtube videos and streams of the game ever since it was a mod in arma 2. So I know my way arounf I look forward to starting
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