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  1. A grad student majoring in genetics and virology at the time of the outbreak. I was stationed in southern Egypt to study the patterns and interactions of different viruses with the Ebola strain. When I learned of a new infection stemming from a usually benign area of the world, it piqued my interest and I arranged to visit the ground zero country, Chernarus. I flew in Chernogorsk only days after the first reports of strange attacks being caused by a disease were reported. My curiosity was quickly put aside however once I got my hands on an infected cadaver supplied by the CDF, turning my curiosity to dread, knowing that the increased muscle tissue and seemingly frozen process of decay meant that the infected would not simply die after a few days like a human, nor would they decay at a normal rate like a dead body. Directly after discovering and reporting this information I left Chernogorsk, moving through Elektrozavodsk to try and obtain a plane ride out of the country. However the infection beat me to it and before I knew it, I was running for my life through the country side, knowing that the only way to survive was to limit contact with other humans. Now I travel the destroyed region trying to scrape together what little information remains to put together a coherent hypothesis as to what the infected are, and how they came to be, all for the sake of stopping them eventually. However, the events of surviving the first weeks have left me morally numb, believing that the only thing that matters is knowledge, and not human life.
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