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  1. i was age 16 years old looking for some fun as I was in my last year of college, so me are some of my friends said that we could go camping at Chernarus for a few weeks, so i booked our flights and few days later we landed in the middle of no were with no phones we started off to be boys around the campfire talking about girls and drinking bears this was our first night and that's what must of our nights went like and at day time we went hunting this went for a week and one the 2nd week it was like every other night but this time i was working up by a group of crazy people attacking my friends we had no idea who there was after we fought them off my friends had some bits on them and they started getting unwell very fast I tried to look after them but the started have the same look in the eyes and they started to attack me. I grabbed my rifle and I hate to shoot my friends if I didn't they would have killed me and I ran away from the madness as some of them just started choosing me to the woods I lost them but I was lost so I found my way to the nears city way I found no one around and I found out that they were an infection that made people go mad and started killing each other but I was alone right they and felt ending it right there but I know I had to try to get home and make sure my family is ok and save them.
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