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  1. Doris is from New York City, And was interested in sports, being an officer of the law and cinema (especially westerns) before the apocalypse started. He also attempted many times to become a police officer back in New York City, but was denied because of his mental state and clear disconnect from humane morality. Doris had a long history of being mentally unstable but managed to keep it semi under control while the world was still in tact. Months before the collapse of society he made his was too Chernarus in an attempt to fix his mental complications from a special doctor. When the infection outbreak took place he was being held in a mental institution for his rehabilitation after he was evaluated by his doctor. He spent a few weeks in the institution before shit hit the fan, and the hospital locked all doors when they heard about the outbreak, No one comes in and no one goes out. About three weeks went by as the institutions staff was waiting for military and government assistance when looters started trying to break into the hospital. After an effort from the security of the resort, the looters eventually gained entry and took all of the drugs and supplies they could find. Doris was stuck in the middle of the madness, and only wanted to break free. One of the looters came across the room Doris was staying in and attempted to talk to him but the drugs Doris was on kept him from responding. The looters eventually left after killing most of the staff and taking all the supplies they could find. Dr.Malkovich (Doris' specialized Doctor) was never seen again and his fate was unknown to Doris. It took a few days for Doris too fully understand the situation he was in, But when he did he left the mental institution and headed out into the world. But now he is off his medication and acts erratically at certain times. His delusions lead him to believe he was a certified Officer of the Law sent to save the world. Now he thinks he must take matters into his own hands to bring humanity back to its civilized state. Not realizing that he is the last man that should be in charge of civility and Law.
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