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  1. Timeremortem

    Potius Cras

    Glad to be part of it.. ^^
  2. At an early age he was seen as gifted, blessed, chosen for a higher purpose. Taught such way grew a from of hybris in him. But also a obligation. To be the best he can be at all time. To stand tall in the hoard of non believers. Rough growing up in a religious family, With strict rules and harsh punishment to any sidesteps from the teachings. Wierd how the perspective of right and wrong, good and evil can be so twisted from the core. And how it can develop in to a burning desire to act out the will of an almighty entity. Ragnar Is a man of devotion, He's cause for taking up arms from the first place was from his fate to the Lord. Home Schooled, Bible taught and off to an early start In the Swedish military. He's capable mentality and strong will got him thrown in to Ranger school. Which later move on to an active duty and freelancing.. That's when the corporation caught eye's on him. ( KOS Positive )
  3. Well I'm very happy to see the responses flood in.. Allot of feedback.. I agree that if you don't want to buy apex or arma 3 in general then that is a problem and Then you would not care for Desolation at all. Also If you think Arma 3 is boring, Clunky or don't run that well on your PC is see that as a valid argument to.. ( Not sure how Dayz SA run any better tho as that game is horrible with it's optimisation. ) I did not plan to cause a War or anything with this. I was just curious for why people picked Dayz SA instead of Desolation. For the Poll I kinda feelt just putting in 2 options with Desolation or Dayz in either was to plain. As it would not show the reason behind it peoples vote. To get some more meat on it I put in two options for both that are a bit more like. Super duper towards Dayz Desolation Or like more towards one but still ok towards the other typ. In my eyes the best thing that could happen would be if Dayz SA actually got somewhere with its development. But It feels like beating a dead horse. Why I feel and want to look elsewhere.. Desolation offers much.. As we can change it at a whime.. And with Zeus.. Rolle/admins can make custom events on the spot for people.. It offers so much more then Dayz SA as i feel allot of people is stuck with that simply based one... 1. you dont got money for Arma 3 or Apex. 2. You don't want to buy anything unless its a 100% guarante it will survive for more then a few months, ( Which it will not if people got that attitude. ) 3. Your happy with your character, and your relation to your Group/people and dont want change. 4. You feel your roots are with Dayz as it is and don't wish to see them gone. Of course more reason exist. But It's quick look at it. I'm not to say any are bad reasons.. As In a community we must look to the majority for answers to the problems. I just hope Dayz Will get moving As of now.. Im close to just calling it a quit until they make a full release, ( which wont happen until i die. ) Or try my luck elsewhere.. It's not the community but the game itself that feels like It's punishingly boring at the moment. And My goals have quickly gone from a long list. To Not bothering at all.
  4. The thought hit me hard. I notice over and over at peak hours that the Dayz standalone servers gets filled up. And Desolation Redux has a problem Getting 10 players on at the same time. Yet I pull the though and Review over and over to myself. Benefits and problems with both games. And I Can't see what makes Dayz SA Superior? I'm gona try explain it as Good as I can. In my Opinon. Completly 100% My opinon. Then Dayz Standalone Has gotten Very boring. Not cause of the community and players but cause of the sheer limitation on the game itself. Imagination can bring you along way. But For me. Not long enough. Dayz Standalone has many problems, To many to count but the ones that hits me hardest. Are.... 1. Settlements - In Dayz SA you can only put down tents. Still you can't make any effort to secure your base from unwanted intruders, Stop stealing when you and your group is offline. And create safe spots that people come to without it getting completly trashed and harrased by Bandits 24/7. 2. Zombies - Are a non existing threat. You speak icly about them. Pretending they have danger. but the only time you die cause of a Zed is cause of a glitch. Damm I can 1v3 Zeds with my fists without getting hit and I still don't feel like Im even that good at killing them. 3. Where Interactions with players have gone - I feel personally, As Im currently not part of a big group, I live for the small interactions with people and wanderers I come across. But thos scenarios have become more and more dull and playout in such obvious ways I Question myself why i even botherd. Everytime I run in to a solo guy 2 things either happen. 1. He super shady, ask me the same 10 questions. Name, Occupation, Faction, Group, Friendly. Backstory. Then move on he's way with little to anything gained by the interaction. Or He runs away without saying a word at the fear of me being bad. If i run in to a group. 9/10 times I been robbed.. In some way, Either by being forced to do unwanted trade, Or simply by being held up. As the Initiation Rules favour big groups. But not just by rule, By Sheer gameplay on how dayz works. I can't stress the amount of times I shoot somebody only for them to manage to shoot me 1.2 or 2 seconds later and we both die. And then rolling the dices feels very stupid if your up against more then one hostile. The wierd hitboxes and desynch seems to maybe be the cause of it. This of course Maybe is not your experience, Or your opinion and That's 100% Ok. But Now to what I want to get out. Desolation Redux fixes all of that!! 1. You can make bases, That's good to store, lock up loot and gear, Good and build for trade and outposts. ( Gives me more of S.T.A.L.K.E.R Feel. ) It works, And it's frankly very easy to use at the moment. 2. Zombies Not perfect but hey they are fast, And punishing. I mean sure they die from one shot. You never see more then 10 at a time. But like 3 hits from one and your dead and they stack up multiple hits quick. So They feel more like a legit threat. 3. Interactions of course Is gona be similar, But here is where i think it improves. The bases will create more factions that are out to trade then robb. As In Dayz SA robbing loners is the safest bet as theres no real place to go to for Trade at the moment. I think with outposts, Factions, Politics. Supported by real built settlements Is gona improve the general interaction. ( Im not saying perfect and people will still robb and kill of course. ) More guns and less Rare super weapons makes for less reason to robb.. ( I don't consider being held up given 10 seconds to put my shit down. Letting them take stuff and leaving me with broken Ruined stuff to be fun or to be good interaction. ) When i think what do i want for the future of DayzRP I want more of a Game World that Feels like the S.T.A.L.K.E.R Or Metro 2033 World.. Let me explain. A World where not everyone is out to take your shit and kill you. Where relations, Factions Politics, And settlements in working order still exist and It's not a mad max World where we litterly could just put up the KOS Rights and be done with it. As I feel the tension to baiting and the Wish to get in to fights is so high that i wonder why some people even play on RP and dont just play on Normal servers. I Don't Do posts. Not that many, I been with the community for a long time. I don't fancy myself anyone special and I hardly done much of note with my years on dayzrp.. But Where I want to go with this post is.. Do you agree? Am I wrong? How's your experience diffrent from mine? Do you think theres big issus with Desolation that I not brought up? You don't own arma 3 or apex DLC and dont want them? I want your opinions. WHy do you chose to play on Dayz Standalone instead of Desolation. Thanks In advance for any responses. And Sorry for my Lack of English skills. Hope to see you in the field. I Hope I posted this at the right place.
  5. Timeremortem

    Safe zone discussion

    I agree with Buddy.. He got it figured out. I completly support a Safe zone idea. I just don't like having It on any Islands. Remote and far away from people sure. But Safe zones and settlements always attracts bandits. Always has, Always will. And being forced to swim out there is a pain. And knowing that anyone could camp out the shores as you swim back Sounds very problematic. I rather see it being placed Inland. Green mountain has always been a hotspot. And Not everyone agree but I feel that place could work. As it would require who ever guards and hangaround there to do supply runs. As It's not self sustained. Aswell Bandits would set up checkpoints around to robb wanderers passing through in and out. I think this would be a nice change. As of now 9/10 people I meet either Run away from me on sight. Or walk up and start doing the 50 questions game. Who are you, Name, Last name, Group? Before all this? etc etc etc. I'm not saying that's always bad. But Since people are super paranoid, Me included It's hard to meet up with people without being forced to roll the 50/50 die if i get robbed or not.
  6. Timeremortem

    [SA] Show us your character!

    Getting tired of the Military outfits. To easy to comeby and attracts unnecesary attention from robbers. So I'm rolling more with a Live with and off the land style. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=901908309
  7. Timeremortem

    New website issues

    Alright.. I will try not to.. Just figure that my whitelist problem was related to the move and some kind of bug. Not sure where else i would post about it then.. I thought others had similar problems.
  8. Timeremortem

    New website issues

    Keep Up the good work. Rolle. ^^ Escort me out? What are you implying? I been a part of the Dayzrp community for years now. But with this changes My whitelist seem to have been broken. I played Dayzrp's version of LIF when it first was launched. As well I been with the Dayzrp since back in the mod days.
  9. Timeremortem

    New website issues

    I'm trying to join the Life is feudal server and it says I'm banned.. I know It's that game way of saying I'm not whitelisted. Is Life of feudal whitelist not the same as Dayz? I use to play on Life is feudal dayzrp When we first begun with it. Any ideas? have my whitelist been removed?
  10. This report is ridiculus, You admit taking hostile action against this person and admit that the kill was made 30min later when KOS rights last longer then that. The wasteland is full of crazy dangerous people.. And The videos show he made a plan, found a vantage point and cover. And that he took his time to aim. Which means he had value for his life. Only cause theres more of you doesn't necesary mean you intimidate someone off.. I have in more then a few scenarios come up on top in a 4v1 and even 5v1 scenarios. If he would have run out the street gun's blazing at you, with no value of his own life and safety then sure. But Going after the people that stole form you is not a offense against the rules if, it's clear that they initated on you. And I feel if you don't like that, then you should simply stop robbing people as this will happen again, as well who goes to hold someone up and robb them in vybor industrial then walks to a vybor town not even 500m away from where the robbery took place, and don't expect to get shot for it? (I was in OOC voice chat with skezz, He muted himself after he called coms and when he came back on to talk to me he was already dead. I was not online so i did not take any part in aiding him whatsoever, I just heard him out and watched the videos.)
  11. Ok, I really really want and stand 100% for first person. I think third person is abusive, It's stupid and people take way to much advantage of it. First person offers more immersion, More chance for fair fights where people don't abuse the third person to look around corners or over walls/grass without exposing themself. This is a matter that's been discussed over and over. And i never really got why were still on third person. Anyone care to explain to me the reasons? And the only arguments i ever heard except that people want to be able to use the abuse is that: 1. You can go in to third person if you want no one is stoping you. Answer: Well yes but they i'm litterly handicaping myself and letting everyone be at a advantage over me. 2. I wana be able to see my character and all he's cool gear. Answer: Press TAB? You see him perfectly there, you can inspect every item close up. 3. I'm So use to third person now, First person will ruin my movement and my capability in a fight. Answer: Can always re-learn, and this is a RP server, Immersion is way more important then being able to fight well. 4. I get motion sick in first person. Answer: Can always tweak the setting and your saying you never play FPS games? (Most valid argument so far.) I know everyone doesn't agree with me. But I see no reason why we are rolling with third person. 9/10 times I'm getting spotted by people or sneaked up on or ambushed by somone looking around the corner without exposing himself, giving me 0 chance to see him at all.. It's stupid, It's annoying. And I would at least want to see one of the three servers we have turned in to a first person only. ( I think all should but still my opinon. ) Here's an example of a Firefight that happens 100% in first person, It's way more intense. And showes a higher sense of awarness and skill. [video=youtube] What do you think?
  12. Timeremortem

    Server mentality ?

    The problem is that people treat it as a side-project... If people treated it as an equal or greater-than of SA, it'd be livelier. Pretty sure Rolle is not gona turn the same focuse on It as he has on SA.. Were the Dayzrp COmmunity after all. And with the new patch coming up for SA.. It seems like a lost cause.. I sure Hope I'm wrong tho..
  13. Timeremortem

    Server mentality ?

    There is a lack of roleplay drama and sensationalism, there are no clan fights with major incharrachter banter and propaganda. Most firefights and wars are sadly treating to meta and result in OOC hate and bullshit rapports instead of fun roleplay banter, roleplay armed conflict and all the nice goodies of the mod days. We need drama like when that bandit cowboy clan targeted the Free Medics in Epoch and generated fuzz and excitement and roleplay! I am verry glad that Pat and the Chedaki are making an event to turn some standart firefight in an actual lore thing with a fun game of pretend (roleplay) This stuff will create some actuall lore development and roleplay conflicts that will result into turning meta actions (gear/firefights and so on) into stuff you can roleplay around. The Bones of the game is gear, firefights, vehicles and Zombies, the flesh is roleplay surrounding these things and thats where clans and people should get creative around and interact with eachother in their own creative ways. Well Said.. Thanks for informing me.. I hope that Desolation won't die out like another sub project.
  14. Pretty sure I had more worry with B17 But I won't denie the problems that SDS created.. Was all fun tho..
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