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  1. Timeremortem

    Radios in item shop

    I guess. But since people seem so compelled to the whole looting and surviving, aint that just the purpose that if you lose it or it get stolen you must find a new one but you get one on spawn? If not then why not just let people spawn in with whatever they want and just play a role they want to have. It's roleplay afterall.
  2. Timeremortem

    Creating a Economy

    No matter if paper is worth shit or not in the wasteland, but i seen people trying to turn ammo in to a currency metro 2033 style. Or turn the new ciggrates in to a currency. but people 9/10 times want something they can use. And trading happens on the spot.
  3. Timeremortem

    Radios in item shop

    If you spawn with one. There's no excuse to throw it away, If you want it back then you better find a new one. As spawning one in can very quickly be abused. -1
  4. Timeremortem

    Life is Feudal?

    Played on the LIF server quite allot. Had fun in my village as the blacksmith's Apprentice, I believe it was chief? don't matter. I say no, since sideprojects seem to die and we are dayzrp afterall. I rather see a harder focuse in changing and improving dayz.
  5. Me and the guy's from Potius, More them then me at the moment. Have worked hard in trying to become a bad guy group that ain't drop your gun and run that direction typ of encounters. Don't know how many time me or garry or other yelled at people for robbing for a weapon. Aswell as running as kosable just to spice things up. Making something we hope to improve upon the server? If one takes such an action to work on making the experience more fun for others. Why can't they then get it eaiser? Why can't factions spawn with there uniform? why can't factions get supplies weekly. I don't got the time to play this game as it was my second job. And don't got the time to protect the stashes 24/7. Im not saying me or potius only one suffering, we all are in the same boat. And many seem to handle it better then I do. If let's say by fun fact an area was suddenly restricted off or made as a KOS zone where a faction could KOS instantly if one stepped in there. As a matter to make it well there territory. Yes Im aware of the problems of baiting, people going in there by mistake. Or the map lines or someone getting shot by the boarder and an argument if he was in or not. Why not make it so a text pops up saying your in the area? and should be afraid? This all just theory crafting since we never know if such things are possible to implement. But if that group got suddenly had a spot they could use to safely work out the details. It's not about safe zones. It's about the current way of playing feels like im playing a normal dayz survival server where the KOS function is obstructed by paperwork, Since it ends with reports 8/10 times. DOn't get me wrong i dont want to shoot people. I just want features to be made to make roleplay fun and doable without being jammed in the back all the time. I be on looting and stashing for my friends. Next day it's stolen. Work gone. I loot up and use many hours to get a full faction outfit and a gun of any kind. And get shot by someone a second after initation. I made a base and announced it. Hoping for trade and people, Yet even how much i try to guard it i get punished as it gets attacked on low pop hours or simply when i got most my guys offline. It's not handled and just spits in anyone's face that want to do anything else then run, stash guns and intiate. It's not appealing, At least not to me. The mentality becomes more and more, why should i bother or why should i go out of my way to make something for someone else when clearly It's not appreciated or don't matter. Thanks. I'm terrible at writing posts. Why i hardly ever write on the forum at all. But I try at least.
  6. I don't know what tldr means? ^^ But yea all valid points. Feels like people focused allot on how i adressed my hate for certain mechanics. Don't get me wrong, Im not saying hunger and thirst is ruining roleplay. Im saying that everytime something is posted that somehow creates unbalance and unfairness it's treated as bad. When in reality I say running around looting for the first day only to be able to play your faction role is bad. But if one look past how I feel about changing core features. Let's say we keep the loot, we keep hunger, we keep everything pretty much. Why are things enforced in a way that's almost downright competetiv and in my opinion unhealthy towards roleplay. Group/faction war are pretty much done in such way's where one almost working towards making life such a pain the other group disband rather then setting up interesting scenarios. Initations are so on edge people can't react in an interesting way and it turns in to the whole drop gun in 10 sec or die. lay down on the ground in 5 sec or die. Also whats so compelling about waking up naked on the shore being forced to spend the first 5-6 hours getting what you need to play your role? yes one can say they are military without the clothing. Im aware of that. But that argument doesn't make much sense as then why even have loot? If one don't need stuff then it comes down to text based rp almost. I really wrote a mess if all people got out of it was that i want loot and anything related to the core mechanics of the game removed. What I want is things put in place to work around mechanics that I find tedious and damaging to the experience. One don't have to agree with me on that tho. Since it's a roleplay community, why is that not the main focuse? If i meet a guy and want to kill him? Would it not be better if It turned to combat that if i shoot him he go unconcious and it would be his own choice to die? or to wake up? If I wanted to play as a Fireman or medic or military? Why is it necesary to loot for hours upon end to get what i need for it? Would that really ruin it for other people? Anyone picking Full special forces outfits with fully loaded fully equiped M4's just simply cause it's better then picking a kit like a lumberjack, clearly is not playing for roleplay Is treating it as a competiv match where one must outwit your enemy through rules and loop holes. This cat and mouse is so strange to be considerd roleplay. I'm not afraid to die. I'm not afraid to lose my gear, As much as it may sound like that, I just find 80% of the dayz experience tedious and boring. And I feel since It's a roleplay server why would it not be beneficial to have mechanics or features made around the roleplay. Im not saying hunger, thirst, zeds are a problem for roleplay. They just things i pointed out as referenses. It's not about being limited by carrying weight, hunger, Thrist. It's an overall look on how things are crippeling the experience. at least from a roleplay mechanic. I can name so many scenarios where going knocked out would benefit. How fun is it for the first person to get shot in a firefight? maybe the guy that did not even see it coming? he just spent days looting only to get nothing from it. How is it fun being on discord going? Is that you? who's there beside you? What clothing do you have? trying to coordinate chaos. Maybe I'm alone in this. I just waited and waited to see if things would develop but if people are really happy with how things are, Initations, The competiv go fuck me faction way of playing. And the constant hiding from everyone cause of fear of death and loot. Then that's just how it is then. And I deal with it.
  7. I'm not posting this to make an uproar or to complain about something. I just had some thoughts that I feel I can't figure out on my own about Dayz and the Dayzrp community. Let's get to it. I been with the community for some time yet I'm still pretty much a nobody, I been with many groups yet far as It goes I feel I not done or been part of anything remarkable for anyone to put a face or name on me. I survived on the small encounters that pretty much just closed up campfire stories with no real way of saying what happend or what did not happen outside of the core group of people that actually was there at the time it happend. It's an addicting thing the whole thing about dayzrp and how managed to find a sort of balance betwen a pure RP element based Server, and survival with the inbeded features of the game itself. Yet I also see some problems with this. When talking about the game it almost looks like the community has a very mixed view or vision even on how things should be or even on how thing's are. Such is very understandable with so many diffrent people and diffrent experiences mixing all over constantly on the server and forum. What I feel I like to talk about with the post Is the view on what's important with the community and the experience we working togheter to achieve. A sort of stretch goal Is set in motion yet without any real idea where the dayz developers are going we can't one would say shape the game however we like, Yet I believe it should not stop us from trying to push it with whatever resources and powers we have towards something we feel is in more terms with what we want out of it. What we want however I feel Is so diffrent at the moment depending on who you talk to. And yes I believe a common ground perhaps never will be reached. Talking about examples but I believe Roleplay is the most important thing about the community. And anything threatening that is either a problem or a waste of time. If i had the run on my vision, I remove hunger, Thirst, I let you pick 100% a full outfit and even whatever weapon you liked on spawn. As I feel the looting mechanics, and hunger and thirst and all that is pointless. As the server to me is about the experiences with players and anything that takes up times betwen the interactions are not necesary. I fall hard on the catagory of a tabletop roleplayer. Very diffrent from this and hard to really compare. biggest thing would be the Gamemaster or GM running the story or narrative with the players or characters making decisions that would make things diffrent or progress in a way that hopefully would benefit and feel more natural to the pace of the game the GM has run. Of course that's a dream scenario and yes Players tend to screw things up and suck up more time then needed for things. Such a thing is easier to manage then a many thousand player count community all trying to do there thing. Point im going for is that i find it strange when people talk about features, or discuss what to add to the server arguments come quite often based on that it would cause inbalance or that it would cause problems for immersion. The immersion argument i tend to understand as roleplay is all about assuming the role of someone else. but what i dont get is when the competetiv arguments arise on how things will be abused or how things woulden't be fair? There's no dice roll system So i dont get how fair is even a thing to consider? and live ain't fair, woulden't unfairness be the greatest immersion builder? Having a large paramilitary faction running a big zone with added base mechanics and barbvire fence. The idea goes on but still as unfair as it would be? how would it be a problem for roleplay? Why is the roleplay forced to be competetiv? I go back on the idea of any feature that don't focuse on the roleplay is a waste or a problem. One could argue they feel immersed by the fear of death. Such one would be, I agree. Yet I rather see that people would 100% be immortal and any dmg caused to the player would only put them in the knocked out stage and anything from 15-30 min would wake them up. And death would only arise if the players themself chose from the menue to take sucide, such would be natural to do if one considerd hey i just got shot. But since powergaming and the rules work against enforcing or forcing actions upon other players. It's strange that a persons death woulden't be there own choice without another third party or player throwing a 10 second timer at one to give up or get shot. Which for me is as much powergaming as writing '' Cut's of persons head and throw's it away '' Or worse. One would yes not agree with me, And argu it's not really what dayzrp is about. It's about the dynamic's of it all. that you can die. that everything is not by your own choice. That around the roleplay exist all this features like looting. eating. surviving and zombies and all that. And they are there to enhance and makes a balance betwen the roleplay and the game itself. Such is the players to. It's fair to think so. I woulden't hold it against one. But I feel dayzrp has had a big turning point since it went to the standalone. And it's not a measure of saying things was better before or it was worse or pointing out new or old flaws. Just a general change in tone and experience that the community itself delivers. Many will argue it's an actual improvement and that's fine by me. Im still having a huge blast with the game and community. But it don't undermine the frustrations and almost downright strange decisions being made around the view on how it's balanced as a roleplay server to a normal dayz server. One could say, Let's add a big base or let's make a uniform and lock it to a faction. And many would instantly rush to attack that decision even if they would never go to the base or use the clothing as they consider it a restriction on the overall experience. And with that a threat i presume. I on the other hand would look at it as a easier indentifiable way of making factions and having way's in the terms of faction wars that would be easier to roleplay out. Specially when encounters would not just be people shouting in third party voice programms, '' Is that you? Who has a red bandana? '' And that I feel enforce even more the way people almost look at encounters as a competetiv Us vs them and we must win, And keeping an almost scoreboard on who screwed one over the best. And this is fine if it's what people want. And I expect people to say it's always been like this. Even if i not personally experienced it. Now this is only as pointed from me and my opinon. As I presume any dont wish or like the more laid back and feel the need to loot a uniform to be part of the faction or looting guns, or this whole thing to be good and should stay as it is. That's why Im asking and want to hear people's view on things. Would one rather see systems being enforced and put in place to make it easier and more selectable around the roleplay and making it more open for a person to chose what he wants to roleplay and what role, without having to first make a decision if going around looking for the first few days for the items needed to pull of the roll with some immersion and beliefs. Now I wrote all this in one go, And I feel it's almost a rant soon. So Im looking forward to any replies. ^^
  8. Timeremortem

    Metagaming rule trial

    Seem's Fair enough. +1
  9. Timeremortem

    Remove NBC clothing from item shop (When the radiation mod is released)

    I rather See it Removed and compensated then rather then having two similar items. As much as I feel The server is about roleplay and should be focused on roleplay, And what endgame content exist and all this stuff around should not matter. Honestly I feel one should just be able to 100% pick a full outfit of cloth on spawn.. Weapons even. As It's about roleplay and not going around finding loot. But yea I see the issus with that to. And how it will be abused. I consider the whole looting and survival experience to almost be a waste of time that most of the time is just in the way for the roleplay. As if one want to starve or if one want to roleplay that they are hurt they can do that without forcing. But im just old school i guess with the whole tabeltop aspect of looking at it. It's not the same thing. Features are nice, yes It's nice actually starving to death then roleplaying that your just hungry. But since it's a roleplay server and not a normal dayz survival server, I dont see why one should focused on the looting and surviving aspects of features at all. And It be just better to find and tweek around it so people that wish to play more complicated roles or faction based characters dont got to spend days of prep work just to get matching clothing.
  10. Timeremortem

    Remove NBC clothing from item shop (When the radiation mod is released)

    I very recently bought the entire NBC Outfit. Cause I needed it for my group and wanted it without being forced to find an entire set everytime i died. As much as I agree it's purely cosmetic and shoulden't have any advantages. How we gona see the diffrence on a Spawned NBC outfit and a looted one? Consider you need the full set + gasmask to enter the gas area. More or less if you loot one fake item of one guy or have one spawned in and forget it was spawned your dead if you enter that zone. I rather then just see a big refund on the NBC outfit. Even tho I think that our group should keep our right to spawn them. As much as people call it an unfair advantage, I feel Potius are doing much good for the community and taking allot of heat and risks. And being forced to locate and hoard full NBC sets just so we can enter that area Is gona suck allot of fun out of it. At least how I look at it.
  11. Timeremortem

    Where is all the loot?

    I honestly Think Storage and hoarding Should be removed. As of now stashes are 100% just used to hoard and to have instant gearing locations for your group. A spot where you just go from spawn to get back what you lost upon death. I don't find that very good. It works against NLR, Metagaming and Value for life. But that's just my opinion.
  12. Timeremortem

    Death = PK

    You don't know what my group is about do you? That we are all KOSABLE? Should we make new characters everytime Someone shoots us? I mean sure executions and proper Roleplay. Not sure how one can value one's life more then running around with the constant Risk of getting shot by everyone and anyone?
  13. Timeremortem

    Where is all the loot?

    I'm confused.. Some are saying Hoarding is not affecting the Loot spawn. And some say That it is affecting the loot spawning. So what is it?
  14. Timeremortem

    Remove NBC clothing from item shop (When the radiation mod is released)

    Does that mean I get a refund then? consider that outfit is used alloy by my people I very recently bought it. Be a shame if i suddenly lose it then. =(
  15. Timeremortem

    Death = PK

    I know folks that would have to make 3-4 characters per day if they constantly had to PK.. ^^
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