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  1. Timeremortem

    Gas mask buffs

    +1 Anyone voting no to the Restricting to stamina.. Plz.. Return your Realism Card to the nearest Reception. As a person that has a military background. and done CBRN.. I can say that trying to do anything with a gasmask and if worse with a full hazmat suit on.. Is god damm exhausting.. So anyone that saying it should not? Can never ever use the argument about realism ever again.. Anyhow.. Gaszones are strange and not functional as they should.. So tweakings are in order.
  2. Timeremortem

    Initiation before raiding

    Your more or less asking them to either put the base out in the debug field. Or to have a second jobb with no salary of 8-10 hours a Day of guarding there base to have a remot chance of guarding there stuff? Still to the point of the post.. There' should not be any rules defending a base from raiding.. There must be a better way.. As of now there's way to much hoarding as there is.. I honestly rather see a mod/rule that makes it so you can only put ammo/food/water in stashes pretty much.. Preventing anyone from putting guns they can't carry themselvs and with that spreading them around more to the community without forcing people to robb every poor sucker they meet..
  3. Så det är där alla vapen hamnat? på Folks ryggsäckar.. ^^ Tyckte det var tomt i NWAF.
  4. You litterly ignored everything I wrote and focused on 1 single paragraph.. Presume diversity Is unfathomable to you. And yet again your putting words in to others posts and only reading betwen the lines. I wrote again and again that I enjoy the hostile roleplay but Hostile roleplay 24/7 Is all you get on this server unless you seek out the nomadic groups that are hiding away trying to avoid the hostile groupes.. It's so fucking backwards for people to talk about the Avoid hostile RP mentality to be bad for the community.. When It's clearly the strongest resemblance of Realism.. You don't want to die? You don't want to lose your food and tools to survive.. So you hide away as you don't got the power to face them.. it make sense.. And talking about gearing up is not necesary military loot.. I carry only civilian clothing. But since everything is random.. There's no clear way of getting the specific items you want/need other then to throw a bunch of times at the looting and just hoping it don't take you 8 hours. And to just insantly assume anyone that don't like getting robbed 24/7 Is playing the SUper Umbrella HUNK soldier that don't feel pain and Is just shity to interact with.. Where did anyone write that?? Your assuming so much yet again. And just dodged around the entire post.
  5. I'm tired of people jumping to conclusions.. Where in that post does he say he hates all hostile interactions? Where does he ask for rainbow sprinkles? your putting words in his post you twat.. I don't like being robbed.. I enjoy the hold up and interactions.. I enjoy the hostility.. But there are limits.. Diversity? heard of it? It's nice that from time to time you can experience something else then the robbers and there highway methods.. Looking upon hostile interactions as bad is not based on the hostile interaction or the roleplay.. IT's about the Setback in time invested.. I invest a few hours to get all i need to do a specific roll I want to roleplay.. I could roleplay without the gear, but with that mentality why bother then? I personally got limited amount of time per day that I can enjoy the game.. Which is why the setbacks of getting shoved back to some pants and a can of beans.. Means another 2-3 days of me forced to find everything again. Now I'm a special case, And I don't blame other's for my situation as I chosen to play as a heavily armed pacifist that carry unloaded guns for trade. And is more or less the definition of the walking loot pinata that bandits love.. I'm not saying all people have valid reasons to complain and allot of Gearwhores complain at the slightest setback in terms of loss of progress/loot or such.. And don't realize that there's other ways to do it.. Like you say.. gather up people.. find help.. Do something about it.. That's all valid things to point at.. But Clearly there Is a voice in the community betwen the I hate hostile Roleplayers, And the I Robb everyone I see kind of mentality.. The middle ground of people accepting that without threat and hostile roleplay it would be a dull campfire session of no one doing nothing.. But It be nice to have a change of pace without being forced to run to the edge of the map to be left alone for a day or more..
  6. I have to support The brilliant idea of Microtransaction system of selling non physical items.. Made by someone else and callimg it donations.. Its brilliant..
  7. Timeremortem

    Ignoring the Communities Wishes

    Make a system forcing a Vote and a accept at the end of the thread or you get kicked.. like when they update rules.. could clear things up.. Im against it but up to try new things. Dayzrp feels like its falling behind. And Many of my friends are playing other servers and i get to hear allot of pros and cons from the comparisons. Just hope it dont become altis life. Love the Rather be part of the problem then a solution mentality here.
  8. Honestly feel one should be allowed to just empty out tents on the ground. Would make hoarding a bit less functional and would rather allow things to spawn back out in the world again. for about 8 hours now.. I seen nothing but mags and ammo and clothing in military bases. And in regular places I see at best shotguns or SKS.. Im not with a big group.. i play a sorta pacifist character that trade.. Sure I can trade for fancy guns. But at the moment It feel like every automatic gun on the map is in a Stash after 24 hours after persistent wipe.
  9. Gona love the special forces.. with yellow hardhats and pink rain coats.. But im dropping it. Cant compare Dayzrp to any other form of Rp in any other form of game or media. not even table top. Its to diffrent. So can't and shouldent cater to an audiance thats questioning the very core that dayzrp is functioning on.. Fairplay.. Fairplay to hide and avoid who I want.. Fairplay for them to find me and take my stuff.. Just how It is. Presume if one wants another experience one should look elsewhere.
  10. More that I have a time limit on how much I can play.. and if 90% of my time goes to the walking simulator to gear up to be able to play my role.. And 8/10 encounters work as a set back forcing more time doing what i consider to be a choire.. Then it tends to lose its value.. Presume if one roleplay as a naked hobo hermit.. one wont have the problem.
  11. Make sense.. But theres very little repocausions to being hostile.. while in the real world.. you sooner or later run out of people to robb and abuse..
  12. I guess we both only read in to what we want.. Point was to showcase how wierd it is to blame a solution attempt to protect people that want hub roleplay and dont want to constantly be bothered by the bandit roleplayers.. without forcing them to hide in a corner. But when one aint experiencing hostile 24/7 roleplay as a problem. Then i presume one wont see it as that. But glad all you took out of it was Nazis.. Must love you in history class. But yea i shouldnt compare Hostile roleplayers to nazis.
  13. To me that sounds like saying: Nazis invade country's with jews in them.. Therefor Jews are the problem.. Seriously?
  14. So we complaining about pink camo being added.. and bunny ears in the loot table.. but a pink derringer is ok?
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