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  1. Elizabeth was born to Robert Couper and Анна Бойкова. Robert was a British Scientist who came to teach in Novaya Petrovka. That is where he met his wife Анна. The pair of them were in their mid thirties and were happy to just be married and spend the rest of their life together. However, this trail of thought ended a year after marriage when Анна became pregnant. The pair were very excited but they were aware of the risks. 8.5 months later, Анна's water's broke and she gave birth to Elizabeth. However, in the next few hours Анна condition began to deteriorate and she died from the pregnancy. Robert was devastated. However, he continued to raise Elizabeth the way he knew his late wife would have wanted. They lived in the outskirts of Novaya Petrovka and Elizabeth had a pretty 'normal' upbringing. When she left school, she decided to be a teaching assistant. It was great going to work with her father and the bond between the two of them was strong. Elizabeth lived with her father and had boyfriends, but they were never men like her father were. She decided that she did not need to have a relationship, and having her father there was enough. When Elizabeth was 35, her father became sick and sadly passed at away at the age of 73. Elizabeth was devastated, and continued to live in the house that she grew up in. She continued to work in the school as a teaching assistant. She was always seen as a little strange, mainly due to being forty-eight and never married, living in her two up and two down home with some rural views with her four cats. Even though she worked at the school, she was not the hugest fan of kids and would often shout at them if they entered her garden. One year one of the kids who had just graduated from the school shot her beloved cat with a pallet gun. Elizabeth was devisted and angry at the youngster who though it was okay to harm her animals. From then on, things got weirder, she put window coverings on her windows and would make sure the door was locked 24/7, she quit her job and rarely ventured out. Some days it was just for basic supplies and to feed her cats. She had some friends who got concerned, and they would try and visit her, only for them to get shouted at by Elizabeth who said she didn't want to speak to anyone. She eventually lost all contact with her friends and only had her cats for company. She never really felt lonely, because if she had her cats around her, she was happy.
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