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  1. Hailey was not a very sheltered kid growing up, her parents fought all the time so she spent most of her time at friends houses. When she got into high school, she stay out all the time, parties, a job that kept her away from home when she wasn't in school. She hated being at home and when that acceptance letter came for her to go to college she was gone in a blink of an eye and didn't look back. That's when she met her husband Anthony, he was gorgeous, athletic and everything about him made her fall head over heels for him. They thought for sure that life would be easy after college and they would have a family and grow old together..Boy they had no idea what actually was ahead of them. After they graduated, they got married, Anthony had plans to to join the police academy and Hailey, she was going to go where he went, find a job working with troubled children, but then his father sent him to Chernarus and even though Hailey was not prepared for that, she had nothing holding her back so she followed her husband. After the outbreak, things went crazy. She wasn't prepared for what was taking over the world. If it wasn't for her husband she would have died to the outbreak in the beginning. Not because she is weak but, he had the survival mindset that she did not have. Being a psych major, she really did not understand how people could go from being the way they were, to animals. Killing people for sport, robbing people for the little things they had just to survive and being horrid towards one another. Everything she had learned did not prepare her for that. For now she stays close to Anthony and helps him where she can. She was determined that this new world would not destroy the only happy thing she had left.
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