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  1. His story. Ezekiel (Oldman) Duckworth grew up in america where lived for most of his life. He was never good with the ladies and well as age started to catch up with him he started to become desperate when it came to looking for love. His friend Mikie decided to hook him up with a russian bride. The problem was he had to go to russia in some small town called Chernogorsk, Now this was right after the fall of the USSR but russia still had a bit of control over it. So when he got here he found out that he had been taken for a ride. There was no super hot woman named Zoya. He had spent most of his money to get here and the remaining money was to get him and her back to america. Welp!! He gambled it all. Now he had a bit of mixed luck first off he couldn't go back to america, that was the bad part, the good part is that he was able to win a farm with a few sheep, good part, he also had enough to pay off the right people to allow him to live there. That is another good part! But the bad part is that he did not know how to read or speak russian. So what he had to do was learn via radio or tv. The only thing he was able to pick up from the america's was conspiracy shows and broadcasts... This is bad because this is where he picked up allot of his information. Now when shit started to go down with the civil war he was able to keep out of it for the most part and this is where he picked up a few russian transmissions. He was able to deciper most of it but it did him little good in the long run. Then the infection hit. He of course was able to hold his own against them and protect his farm but now he has no idea where his sheep have gone. He blames a few people like JFK, Steve Harvey, and for some reason lenin. (He believes lenin is still alive.) So now he goes to search for sheep and make new friends!!
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