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  1. Krank used to be a biker in a law-abiding club before the apocalypse. Now without his club he has to get used to the new after-apocalypse society which requires working with each other, for each other. Krank used to be a loner from a broken home. His father died in a horrible car accident when krank was 2 , hence Krank's dislike for cars. He does not like BS, promises are to be kept, words mean things. Krank does hold grudges and lives by "think less, live more" . Krank's previous employment was in law-emforcement and he holds right over wrong a high value. Krank was one of the many who left Turovo in response to the outbreak and has has been surviving in the wilderness since. Following the initial events on TV and Radio, Turovo's city council decided it was time to evacuate the town due to limited resources should the infection his town. A call was made for the residents to collect the very basic and assemble in order to evacuate town as one. Krank decided against following everybody and made the choice to go his own way. He would hide out in a wooded area outside of Turovo and keep an eye on the town and the situation. He had to understand that the last place of safety, his childhood home, was gone and started to find his way south along the coast, keeping his distance from any "civilization". He discovered that staying a distance from any Village and Town would benefit him as the infected would congregate to those. Krank would only enter towns at night under cover to find what he needed. Over time, Krank observed military actions, which seemed to be an invastion by foreign forces until he observed the fighting was focused against the infected only. He identified UN and NATO personnel engage in combat against the infected. "There must be a central control somewhere. Other survivors." he thought and started to seek others like him. He has come to the point where living alone will end in death since the competition for survival has become very dangerous. Life depended on the bullets left in your gun and the food in your bag. He is now ready to find his way back and become part of a society which provides safety in numbers.
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