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  1. Artyom Turgenev was born in Chernogorsk to two loving parents. Always a patriot, Artyom grew up wanting to serve his country in some capacity. As a child he flitted between wanting to be a soldier, fire fighter, paramedic, or a police officer. Growing up in a poor part of Chernogorsk, Arytom was exposed to the dregs of society almost constantly which led to his eventual decision to become a police officer. Artyom tried his hardest to get the highest marks in school and be as physicaly fit as possible to increase his chances of being selected for the police academy. When he was finally of age he applied and was accepted. It was a grueling couple of weeks but Artyom stuck it out and by the age of 20 he was a patrol officer in the Chernogorsk police force. During the initial outbreak, Artyom
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