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  1. A business man from the US, Jacob, was happy with his life. Living the dream life with a wife and two kids. 10 years of owing and growing a business it was time to retire. At only 35, it was time to relax and pursue other life goals. After selling his business Jacob decides to pursue finding more information about his family tree. Countless hours of research has lead him to believe that his family has originated from Russia. Jacob sets off on his adventure leaving behind his family. Traveling across Russia he makes his way to Chernarus which he believes is home to his relatives. Upon his arrival he is stopped by authorities and told that there has been an outbreak of a virus. Knowing the authorities have been having trouble with rebellious groups, he decides to sneak into the city and find out what/who he has been looking for. Jacob goes to the neighboring country and set sails in a small row boat across the sea. Upon arrival he realizes that the virus was real. He was alone. Hope was not lost. Jacob will survive..
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