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  1. 5 years before the outbreak: I enlisted to the IDF and joined "the unit" I started the hardest course that there is in the IDF learning close combat , practicing with my trusty rifle over and over and over again (other parts of the training are classified). 2 years before the outbreak: I finished the course and now I am a part of "the unit" , Im operating behind enemy lines all over the middle east and Africa. the day of the outbreak: i could not believe what im seeing with my own eyes , all over the news : " Zombie outbreak in Chernarus", then the phone ringed its my commanding officer he calls me to get back to the base. he told to me and my squad that there are Israeli citizens in Chernarus and that we need to get them back to Israel alive or dead. my squad and I have landed in the port of Elektrozavodsk .but we had a harsh landing and lost our gear. for now we are trying to survive on our own (the training paid off) we are hoping to find food water and weapons, we will not get out of Chernarus empty handed and we will find the lost Israelis !
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