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  1. Bob spent his time as a machinist in one of the many factories of Chernarus. Spending hours building parts and pieces to help supply the government in case of any civil war outbreak. He was fine with a simple life... that was until one day he came home to his wife who was ill and sickly. He spent a week at her side, doing anything he could to bring her back to health, but it was to no avail. Mornings he brought her food, but she did not eat. He read the paper to her, but she did not blink. One night, he had the news on hearing of the rising tensions in the country when he heard movement. He went to the bedroom to see the tray on the floor, food scattered about. He turned the light on to see his wife standing hunched over looking out the window non-responsive. "Dear", Bob said as he walked in the door. Suddenly she turned and charged at him. He fell backwards over the food tray in fear. As she lunged downward, the leg of the tray impaled her torso and her head slammed on the floor. Her face oozing blackish blood, he sat with a broken heart. He remained in his home for a month, no one bothering him, no outside contact with the power going out. With no food left in the house, Bob gathered the strength to compose himself and leave his home. As he left the front door and locked it, he placed his hand back on the white wood door with his ring still on his finger. Tears began to ran down his cheek, but he pulled them back and wiped his cheek. Leaving through the garden gate, he did not know if he would ever see the house again. He rather never see it again since his heart was lost within it. As he left, he headed down the dirt road towards the smoke in the distance. He must continue, no matter how painful. His wife would want it this way. As he rounded the stone wall of the property he pulled a picture from his pocket. "I will find you Cyn", muttered Bob as he stuffed it back in its safe pocket.
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