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  1. Abas was abused by his father at a young age, and his brother wasnt really in his life from a young age since he was fighting along side isis, abas always used to look up at his brother as a kind of an idol. When Abas grew up he was always the chubby kid getting buillied at school. And once he reached the age of 17-19 he always liked guns and explosivs, at a young age Abas was though how to use a gun and stuck to him for the rest of his life. And now that Abas is grown is have decied to fight along with Jaysh Allah and make them bombs and mines. But before Abas could fight along side Jaysh Allah he needed to get some money so he get could get into Chernarus, so he tried to get work but it was hard because he dindt have any education. So he needed some quick money just so he could get a flight there so he started dealing drugs and saved up some money, after dealing drugs for 2 weeks he could affort a flight and the rest of the expences was coverd by the jaysh.
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