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  1. My name is Martin Hansson and im working for Särimner Mining, a swedish mining company who where trying to get there share of the post civilwar mining rights. As the Project Manager(and a major share holder) for Särimner Mining in the Chernarussian deal i was the leader of a group of twenty persons. Five mineral experts, five blue collar mining workers with alot of experience of cooper mining. Eight security guards from the Wagner Group and one local guide and one translator. I think all of them diead during the outbreak. We where attacked when we looked at an intresting mining place near Stary Yar. In the chaos of the attacked i fled south with my car. Leaving the team behind. I have regrets for just fleeing and it still haunts me. I want to find out what happend to them and get a hold of my breifcase holding all my documents. Before the outbreak i was living a playboy lifestile in the southern part of sweden. Hunting, good wine and sport cars.
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