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  1. Daniel Moore , a 34 year old Canadian teacher visiting Chernarus. Unfortunately,he came to support his family (on his father's side) when the outbreak reached Chernarus. He received the news within forty-eight hours of his arrival. He didn't want to believe it at first, and he only did when the town he was residing in was overrun with the infection.The military soon intervened, and led the surviving refugees away from the town. He was led to Elektrozavodsk and was there for a few hours wandering in a sea of people, through the commotion he had been separated from his family, and was pushed to the back when the ships arrived. No one believed him when he said he had family at the front of the line. He was soon left on land as the last ship slowly left the dock. He was scared. He didn't have money, he isn't fluent in Russian, and had now one to call for help. He spent the following weeks keeping his head low as he was barely able to feed himself, and soon began to decide he needed to decide on how to live without the help of the military, because they didn't care for him. Why should he?
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