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  1. An athletic and very capable soldier, always thinks hes invincible, his battle cry is "IM INVINCIBLE!" tho its really just self proclaimed. Short tempered and often charges recklessly into situations that could end very badly, but always cares deeply for his friends. Very fond of girls, the 3 B's (Bacon, Booze, and Boobs), and cigarettes. tho he is trying to quit... He grew up in the slums very poor, and often got himself involved in childish mischief. he once tried to sneak into a strip club using a trench coat and stilts... yah that plan didn't really work how he wanted it to. he doesn't really think his ideas through, though it's always a fun time when he is around. he comes of as kinda stupid but can really be relied on when the situation gets serious. His goal in life is to become "A big damn hero". When he joined the army, he was appointed as one of the squads fireteam leader. When the outbreak happened, he was out at sea taking part in a joint operation with the navy. the ship was overrun and he managed to escape on one of the life boats eventually running aground in Chernarus. What happens next? WELL YOU JUST GONNA HAVE TO FIND OUT!!!
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