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  1. Dimitri, a tall, slender man with oddly large arms. an ex-KGB agent from Kurdistan. He grew up poor and a troublemaker, always finding some way to get into mischief. When he was older, he was caught committing a crime. He was told he could either spend 30 years in Russian prison or join the Russian Army, an arguably similarly difficult task. From there, he went on to join the Russian Special Forces out of training, the KGB. Past his time in the Military, he went from private job to private job, eventually moving to the U.S. to send his family to good schools. Now working on cars in America, he goes back home to Kurdistan, then to Russia on a trip with his family, to visit relatives in Chernarus and possibly see if moving back could be an option, with the gas industry bouncing back. They never make it back the the United States. Dimitri loses his wife and son during the first week outbreak on day two, the car they were in was sideswiped, Dimitri barely making it out to a relatives barn out in the woods.
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