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  1. I don't understand why someone would take offence into their post being tagged in the op in the first place. It's just a statement of opinion and a question not targeting anyone. For the better of the community. Making a elephant out of an ant is really unnecessary.
  2. PandoraX3M

    Samson Pharmaceuticals - Now Hiring [Active Recruitment]

    This idea is just brilliant! Gj Brad. I look forward to seeing this progress!
  3. PandoraX3M

    Miss Amy: Things Are So Strange

    The music... of my soul. ITM 4lyfe. Also amazing story all in all! I frigin love the way you write and I love Amy Strange <3
  4. PandoraX3M

    The object on your right is now your weapon against zombies, how screwed are you?

    Can I come live with you?
  5. PandoraX3M

    The object on your right is now your weapon against zombies, how screwed are you?

    a 1 litre beer glass. Bring it bruv! (and bring all the beer you can too cus like I don't want to leave this thing dry). http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/86/Jugg_with_Beer_Loewenbraeu_one_liter.JPG[/img]
  6. Not derailing I wasnt the one that started talking about "real life situations".
  7. Then you're a sick fuck that's what you are. So you would just kill another person in cold blood because you want his food instead of stopping and thinking for a second "Oh wait, maybe we can get together and maybe improve our chance of survival because there would be more of us and therefore we wont get fucked in the ass every time we get chased by a horde of zeds! Maybe, if there's more of us we'd be able to carry more stuff! Oh what a splendid idea!". Stop for a second and use your brain, I'm sure you have one. More people = more supplies to split More people = bigger profile when moving around, attract more zeds More people = bigger chance to get stabbed in the back Trust me, its never as simple as "lets be friends" , especially not in the real world. I myself try to be the best person I can be, but when everyone is out to stab you in the back and take your shit....you start to distrust strangers. Don't worry I know that but still. If you're human and you have a heart and a brain, you will not be able to kill someone in cold blood especially if you were just a normal person without any military expirience. Not everyone is born a cold blooded sniper. Think about it. I'm not saying someone wouldn't do it but I know that most people would not be ablo to just kill someone out of the blue. If you'd start shooting everyone in your way you'll be on the way to PTSP and with that you'll probably start going crazy in what point you'll be a danger to yourself and the ones you love. I'm not talking only about the survival element here. It's not just your physical health that would be in question here. It's your mental health too if you wanna think out of the box like you started. A normal functioning person, like yourself, with no previous military training or time in the field (what you probably dont have since you're like 18 ) would not be able to shoot someone. Fact of life.
  8. Conor if this happens people will switch to s3 and 4 and gather all the loot, all the food, all the guns and stash them to s1 and s2 in their tents. Just decide this time for good I say. Either turn it on or turn it off but keep it that way.
  9. ^^ this what Tomeran said. Completely agree.
  10. No, people want it off mostly because its currently broken. http://forums.dayzgame.com/index.php?/topic/223597-service-alert-private-shard-persistence/ The poll is to turn it off for now. And throw it back once its forced and fixed. Yes, It may be broken but I see no problem with it to be completely honest. I have been surviving just fine even with it's current state. Berries, apples, hunting for food... Everything works. As for water you can find pumps in almost every town. Since the sneaking is working now you can easily go around towns without being spotted by zeds. It's not as broken as people portray it. Some are just lazy and/or want more gear. There's nothing more to it. Atleast that's how I see it as I've been fine all this time.
  11. It shouldn't be disabled because it actually gives a sense of survival that we lack when it wasn't on. People don't understand the meaning of survival obviously. You're not supposed to find 30 AKM, AKs and MP5s everywhere, you're not supposed to find food everywhere. In a realistic situation there would be like 10 guns in general and you'd have to resort to your hands, building stuff from scratch. That's the point of survival. You're supposed to hunt for your food and harvest plants like berries. You'd have to make a farm and grow your plants. People just like it easy. This is why everyone wants persistence off. I say persistence stays. Get used to it. Because as the developers said: "This is how the game is and how it will be in the future when it's finished. So deal with it. If you don't like survival games maybe you shouldn't be playing them".
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