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  1. Adventurer from Sweden, shipwrecked on Chernarus. Loves to climb mountains and exploring. Born in the southern parts of Sweden and loved adventure already as a kid. I have a dream of climbing Mount Everest some day. I have a love for all nature and animals. I believe in trust and respect amongst every human and every animal, I do not pick fights with people who didn't do anything to wrong me, but if someone does decide to wrong me I also believe in the "Eye for an eye" saying... I used have a dog back home, 50% German Shephard and 50% Alaskan Malamute which I used to bring on all of my adventures, although climbing Kebenikise was abit too rough for him so I had to leave him with some other climbers down at the bottom, they had no experiance with dogs and the dog managed to escape, I still miss my lovely dog Onix to this day, hopefully I will see him again.
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