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  1. Before the outbreak he was living his parents in America and was working at a gas station just down the street from their house, his best friends (who he met through the gas station) were all taking a boat to Chernarus the week the outbreak started, he was confused as to why until the day he had to fight of a zombie who had walked into the gas station and attempted to attack him, as he was walking home from work he walked into his house and saw that his parents were being eaten by zombies. After that he took a sail boat, food and water to the coast of Novigrad. Now he's going around through the towns trying to see if his friends are still alive. He started of running around with the food and water he had left in the city of Novigrad. He met a few people that were stationed in one of the top floors of an apartment building. He was with them after the first few weeks he was there, but then they got seperated when a herd of zombies came threw the city. After he had lost sight of the North East Novigrad he ran to Primorsk in an attempt to find his friends. Now he is just taking shelter inside a building in Primorsk hoping to run into either his friends from America or the people from Novigrad, with little to no food left he has to reserve any and all food he finds or has hoping to not starve these few weeks. He has a plan to start a run to Kirovograd in hopes to find weapons to fight off the dead, find his friends, and find food and water so he doesn't starve or become dehydrated.
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