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  1. our entire group lives within these walls *this is the way!*
  2. Welcome to the community hope to see you in game.
  3. congrats @Annoying Rooster Welcome to the family.
  4. i did we were having a bad snow storm where i live our isp was having fibre issues. i was unable to reconnect until later that evening.
  5. Drmani


    Welcome to the communtiy hope to meet you some day.
  6. I had a game crash that what my disconnection was for.
  7. myself @HECTIK32 @Elder Grimwere looting about going through nadbor after leaving the military area. I walked on to the scene after we herd gunshots as we left the military area, as i walked up to the perp my constituents where already on scene. i saw two dead people on the ground, the man told us that the infected killed the people but he was in fact the only one in the building with them i believe to a fact he murdered them. After checking around for signs of struggle i came to the front of the building where mikey was and with my gun drawn i herd the man say i am leaving mikey asked him to stop the man refused to stop after mikey asked more then once with his weapon drawn for him to stop he continued to run i fired a warning shot he still did not respond, i followed at a safe distance continuing to try to stop him yelling at this point witch made the infected to agro myself i had to fight off 15 infected and almost died radioing in for help saved me after that we left the area.
  8. Ayee, Welcome back eh, have a seat at Iris's place let the good times Roll.
  9. Its been fun so far lets keep it rolling my lead pipes still hungry.
  10. Any time but not until my wounds heal.
  11. i think with us being in lavonia we should be fine.
  12. It was around 1957 Beatrice and Antonio left Sicily and came for the states, they ended up in brooklyn, New York where Antonio began working as a Bar attendant, Beatrice worked as a nurse. after a few years they moved to the bronx where Antonio took ownership of a large apartment building, after a few years they came attached to there new life. In 1979 Beatrice gave birth to there new son whom was named Giovanni Antonio flourance After his grandfather. As a kid i did not know what my father did for work i just knew he left for hours and some times days, i was 5 when my father never came home, Mother was broken soon she took ill she passed on my 6th birthday i was left with the belongings they had left behind, i found suitcases full of cash i assumed they where from my father who hid them from sight, i never needed anything never needed to get a real job until i was 18 years old. i ran out of money i ran out of time, the bank came for my home, one the bank came for the house they found things i never did. Thy found my fathers hidden study no cash nothing of value just a lot of papers more evidence then riches the police used my fathers study to put away 6 of the 9 rackets in NY, I was approached by a man in black suede suit brown leather shoes and a black top hat with low cut edges he came to me and made me a offer i could not refuse. I left with the man and in time found i had just began my life. After leaving with the man i became something beyond my own dreams, I became A Cleaner. It was my job to remove some thing or some one from a particular situation force was used to help secure my success.I worked for whom ever had the most money or the best problem, I helped shift the weight of power in the gambino family, I was apart of the Tuzzi and Cardoleowne Compromise. over the years i worked all over the world i had become 'The Snake' A contract with me was more important to me then life its self, once i made a contract i would fulfill that contract even if the result was death, this is where the story gets good becouse i do not know the answers, but first lets explain why! it was warm, I was sitting at the pier reading my mail, I came across a letter. this was not just a mere letter it was a job, and possably the biggest job of my life as i read the job it was going to take me away again, all the way to livonia, ther where some papers that needed delivery to a house in borek, as i pondered the situation i decided to take it. i called the contact and after a few moments i had the intsructions and payments, instructions where take the package to a specific house in borek leave the house and not to return. So, I did. I drove west to Radacz i stop for lunch and a nap, after waking i left south for polana after leaving Adamow i ran out of fuel so i decided to walk. hours later a military transport drove near they stopped and told me i needed to get to shelter they dropped me in polana where i took up residence after 4 weeks of this i was out of food and out of friggin patience i was going out and it is time to get moving my job was done. Stepping outside things looked different i think a new job is in my path and that job is to survive! After traveling around on foot for months I saw some good ole boys All suited nice made me feel once again at home I think i'll let these boys enjoy my company so here i will remain unless i am of no need then i shall find a new purpose. becouse in the end “I have killed no men, that, in the first place, didn’t deserve killing” and now a days most deserve it!
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