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  1. A Chernarussian native, Viktor was born in the provincial capitol of Chernogorsk. He, his father, and his mother lived in the countryside to the north of Balota living as simple lumberjacks. Viktor has a moderate military background, having fought for the CDF during the September Crisis and some of the months following. After the conflict, he returned home to live as a lumberjack. When the infection hit, Viktor tried to make an escape through the Kamenka checkpoint, but it was too full, so he went North to go through the Vavilovo checkpoint. When Viktor arrived, it was too late; the checkpoint was overrun. He and a few other survivors made an escape, (Including his friend, Joseph Field, who saved him from infected at the checkpoint) and still roam Chernarus to this day looking for survivors and refuge.
  2. Great! Thank you for the help! Gotta say, I really enjoy the lore. DayZ has always been very open ended, so it's nice to have some kind of narrative to it. Looking forward to playing!
  3. Thank you! So if I were to say my character encountered an infected there during the second week of the infection, that would be wrong? I've written it as my character is attempting to make his escape from Chernarus, and after seeing the bottlenecking at the Kamenka checkpoint, he is attempting to go to the Vavilovo checkpoint. Before he makes it there though, he encounters infected in Zelenogorsk that stops him. Let me know, I can change it no problem!
  4. Hi there! I'm currently writing my character's backstory and wanted to know something. When Zelenogorsk was completely cut off, does that mean infected moved into the town? Or did infected not hit the town until later. Thank you!
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