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  1. Otto at home love to live off the grid. He had a wife That passed away giving birth to their unborn son who did not make it through the birth. Otto has not socialized with many people in a few years as the loss of his wife left him angry and lost. Otto spent most of his time hunting and trapping to stay alive. Looking for a new start he left for cherno to stay at his late wifes house in northern cherno Otto went to cherno right before the outbreak for a chance of bagging a trophy Big game bear. He acquired a small piece of property left to him by his deceased wife who was born in cherno. Otto has since been staying in the woods being as silent and invisible as possible. Starting to run low on supplies Otto is ready to start scavenging towns and cities and possibly meet a group of other survivors.
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    her knee's look a little rough. Hmmmmm?
  3. Thanks guys just got the ok on the whitelist. I will be seeing you guys soon out there. ?
  4. Hello everyone, Obviously new here and am looking forward to being accepted to the whitelist. I have been gaming for over 30 years. I am mostly a sim racer that pretends to be a race car driver mostly haha. I have always loved rp and watch mostly rp streams either gta rp or now just mainly dayz rp. I play dayz as a character on all servers I play on witch never really seems to go good for me at the end lol. Hoping to get accepted as this will be my 1st true rp server that I have ever played. dayz is the only game I would want to roll play on as I said I mostly do sim racing for other games. Im looking to stream dayz 4 to 5 times a week if I can do rp. so I hope to see you guys in the apocalypse.
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