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    her knee's look a little rough. Hmmmmm?
  2. Richard is a very scared very bullied person. He grew up always being bullied and was a momma's boy. Never havin friends and always being bullied he always stayed inside playing video games. He lived in his parents basement his whole life and always had his parents protection. Being and outcast he was very weird and kids always made rumors that Richard was a serial killer and a cannibal. after hearing this all his life he kinda plays into it without really knowing he fuels the fire. his parents were murdered and dismembered before all this happened and of coarse Richard was the main and only suspect. Although he went through trial and was found not guilty people in the town didn't believe it . Richard being as scared of people and not knowing how to take care of himself he moved to chernarus to live with his grandparents. Well the rest is history, Richard is now on his own and is desperately trying to find someone else to protect him.
  3. Thanks guys just got the ok on the whitelist. I will be seeing you guys soon out there.
  4. Hello everyone, Obviously new here and am looking forward to being accepted to the whitelist. I have been gaming for over 30 years. I am mostly a sim racer that pretends to be a race car driver mostly haha. I have always loved rp and watch mostly rp streams either gta rp or now just mainly dayz rp. I play dayz as a character on all servers I play on witch never really seems to go good for me at the end lol. Hoping to get accepted as this will be my 1st true rp server that I have ever played. dayz is the only game I would want to roll play on as I said I mostly do sim racing for other games. Im looking to stream dayz 4 to 5 times a week if I can do rp. so I hope to see you guys in the apocalypse.
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