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  1. As a child of the capital, I lived my daily life, one day my parents and I moved to Chernarussia, where my father wanted to run a farm. As I grew up, I was enlisted as a soldier and had to return to my hometown. When we got out, I traveled home with my parents, but what was waiting there was shocking to me! As if I were dripping into another world ... a nightmare. I immediately called my superiors to see what had happened, who didn't answer, just to not care. They gave me an order that I had to execute.
  2. I was born in a Russian city, hard educating my parents and, as a result of my father, I was a soldier. During the initial difficulties, the way up was easier. One day the commander came to assemble a division into Chenarus. At first it wasn't the reason, but it was a very urgent case. By the time we got there, we faced the terrible secret. Strange creatures that we didn't know about were ordered to shoot ...We were very afraid and demanded to tell everything, but we didn't know anything. Lots of wounded and lost a lot of comrades. In weeks, we were enlightened that the world wasn't all right, and that's just the beginning.
  3. Ivan Makkan, I was born in a small village near Moscow. On June 4, 1988, Korea decided to dedicate my life to serving my home. I find myself fanatical for myself, for love, for the home, for the protection of innocents. We went to Chernarushia with my partner Yuri Borkov and Borkov Valeri, where we went for reconnaissance. Yuri is the sniper, Valeri led the squad. I served as a pedestrian. We were confronted with the local mafia, where we were captured, but we managed to get rid of it. After returning home, we received a state award for our heroic perseverance and home protection.
  4. Igor Makkanovich, born 4 June 1988 in Moscow. My parents' early loss soon became self-sufficient, so at the age of 18 I entered a professional soldier, followed by my brother. Unfortunately, during a confrontation, I lost my brother, which left me with a deep wound. Because of the many tragedies, the military has become not only a profession but a life, a home service, and the protection of innocents! can't let the same tragedy happen to me as long as I live and serve the people, I will be faithful to myself, to my profession, to my life!
  5. My name is Gurtni Makkatov ! He was born in Russia, his father was a commander in the Red Army and member of the KGB. In 1984 Gurtni joined to the Red Army and thanks for his father he is a Commander Of The Army 1986, in 1986 Maj. Gurtni was moved to the second man of the NKVD in this time he tought its the top of his carrier. In 1986 Sept. He could join to the KGB because in summer of 1986 he made a good work in the cleaning and guarding of Chernobyl, 1987 autumn he got the mission what he could not finish till now, he was moved to Chernarussia to collect information of the local militias and from the Chernarussian National Guards, there was a hot situation in this time in Chernarussia, the civil war had start in a year, but something happend in 1988, something what the humankind never seen before a invasion what killed millions of people, Gurtni Makkatov, ex military soldier, ex KGB Agent, now just a survivor like everybody in Chernarussia, he was lonely almost for a decade, everybody died around him, he had no plans, dreams he was broken. One day around 1995 he got a message on radio, bandits attacked a humanitarian supply camp, when he arrived to the camp all of the bandits were dead, when he went in to the camp a familiar sound just said "Gurtni, is that you?" It was Boris and Vladimir, Gurtni's old friend from the Red Army, In these days they are looking for a escape from Chernaruss.
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