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  1. He is a surgeon who had a wife and two kids (A boy and a girl). He has a well paying job and was quite wealthy. He could afford a trip to the country of Chernarus. He had tried to learn a little of their language but he had to leave on the trip early. He took some work gear clothes and other essentials. He was going with his wife and kids and expected to be gone for long, but I don't think he really knew how long. Unfortunately he was on the ship taking him to Chernarus with his wife and kids when the outbreak hit. His wife and both of his kids died on that boat but luckily he got off in time to survive those zombies. He has been on the beaches for quite a while now and he is about ready to move inland to try to find people, places to call home, and a lot of gear to get him through this hard time. Now the long wait for long his journey inland is beginning.
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