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  1. Cormac was born to a poor family in the Belfast slums, his family had always been associated with the IRA and naturally Cormac developed a deep love for his country and a deep hate for the invaders. Growing up Cormac was a very wild child always getting into trouble and fights, around the age of 14 is when he got involved with a underground knife fighting ring which is where he gets most of his scars including the nasty one on his face. Also around that time his father began introducing him into the life of being a member of the IRA, taking him to various training activates, this is where he learned how to use firearms effectively and also how to make improvised explosives, he also learned additional skills from his father that most other members don't get, he learned various methods of "information gathering" and it was these lessons that he took a real liking too. By the time he was 17 he was a full member of the IRA and took part in various operations both in Northern Ireland and in the attacks that took place in London during the early 2000s. Cormac loved doing his part for the cause, especially when it included interrogating servants of the Monarchy. He would often get... creative in his methods and often got carried away with his "interrogations" this earned him the nickname "Bloody Mac" among both his comrades and his enemies. He continued perfecting his craft as both a guerilla fighter and as a information gatherer through out the 2000s, but in early 2017 he and his comrades caught word that the British Military was on the hunt specifically for Cormac "Bloody Mac" Gallagher, and they wanted to bring him in to answer for his "war crimes" or to put him down if necessary, hearing this Gallagher's commanders decided to send him on a mission to Chernarus in late June in order to 1. Get him out of the country and 2. To secure more weapons for the eternal struggle. The job was only supposed to last a couple of months at most and then it was supposed to be back to Ireland for the freedom fighters, but God had other plans for the Irishmen. When the outbreak broke out in early July Mac and his comrades were in northern Chernarus attempting to make a deal with some Russian arms dealers and didn't have time to make it back to the airport or to the docks to catch an emergency ride out of the cursed country. Ever since then Mac has watched every single one of his comrades he arrived in Chernarus with die in horrible ways, whether it be by the hands of infected or of his fellow survivors. Now he just wanders the wastes of Chernarus offering his "services" to any who would be interested... and even to some who are not. Cormac doesn't have many defined goals at the moment besides wanting to sate his lust for seeing others suffer at his hands, and to one day return to his beloved Island.
  2. I didn't kill you dog, I wasn't even at the camp at the time. Im not sure who did kill you but from Ive been told his ingame name is Vincent.
  3. *Static fades* You can contact me on freq. 66.7 (Forbes#5542) if you need anything Colonel, out. *Static Surges*
  4. *A calm American voice comes over the net* Colonel this is Odin Actual, who took your eye and do you need assistance? *Releases PTT*
  5. *A calm American voice comes over the net* This is Odin Actual, Everett Im leading a small team of Marines currently based out of Berezino. *break* You can reach me on freq. 66.7 (Forbes#5542) *Releases the PTT*
  6. *Hearing a new and seemingly not hostile voice come over the net he pushes the PTT* Viktor-6, this is Odin, if you can get me in contact with local friendly CDF forces Ill gladly work with them and let them take the lead. *break* No matter how much I may want to go home or elsewhere I like many others am stranded here, and Im going to do what good I can until I find a way back home. *Releases PTT*
  7. *Presses PTT speaking calmly* Im no super soldier, just someone trying to do the right thing. I would prefer to settle this diplomatically, but from what Ive seen there wont be changing their minds, not anytime soon anyways. *break* So Im gonna do what I can whether people join me or not. Odin, out. *Releases PTT*
  8. *Pushes PTT* If you can secure the proper protective equipment Task Foce Odin is with you. *Releases PTT*
  9. *Pushes PTT* This is Odin Actual to all callsigns on this freq, this is about defending the innocent, which no matter what military you joined is essentially your duty. *break* Icarus you speak of Respect and the Golden rule, those go both ways. *break* We cant just sit on our asses and watch while people are slaughtered needlessly. *Sighs as he releases the PTT*
  10. *Depresses PTT* “UN Commanding Officer, this is Odin Actual identify yourself.” *Releases PTT*
  11. *Chuckles before pressing down the PTT* Even if a bunch of Russians did do that I wouldn’t say that warrants killing all Russians. *break* This isn’t even about heroism it’s about having some sort of humanity, you think I want to be in their country anymore than they want me here? No. But where can I go? Russia? Apparently their military thinks they’re in some sort of conflict with the US. Takistan? Fat chance. Instead of slaughtering each other we need to learn to coexistence and fight the true evil in this world, over. *releases PTT*
  12. *Presses PTT* Many of you Chernarussians seem to forget your own history, Americans are what stopped your country from becoming a communist cesspool, or a Russian puppet *break* And now some of your people wish to kill us simply for being here... madness *releases PTT*
  13. *A calm American voice emerges from the static* I see we have a common purpose, please hit me up on freq. 66.7 (Forbes#5542) so we can hash out some details. Odin, out. *Static Surges back*
  14. *Presses the PTT speaking calm as ever* The United States is a country of immigrants and foreigners, while I do agree with them in wanting to kill troublemakers that doesn't mean they should target every single foreign person *break* I fought here back in '09 defending the freedom of these people, lost one of my best friends back then in this god-forsaken country, so I don't particularly like being threatened by a people I've personally fought and bled for. *break* If these Nationalists would only target those actually causing trouble and terror I'd be the first to sign my name to fight along side them, but targeting every last foreigner indiscriminately makes them just as bad as any other bandit or terrorist group. In these days it shouldn't matter where you come from, now a days theres only the dead and the living, we need to get over these petty disputes that do nothing but destroy what little life is left. *break* And to the man who wishes to take my head or any of the rest of you who have comments for me please hit me up on freq. 66.7 (Forbes#5542) I'm always monitoring. Odin, out. *Releases the PTT*
  15. *Pushes PTT* I hope we can meet soon Doc, until then you can reach me more easily on freq 66.7 (Forbes#5542) feel free to give it to any other friendly forces you encounter, Odin out. *Releases PTT*
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