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  1. @Terraand @Ron, I'm so glad you guys had a good time RPing as much as we did. We had a lot of fun.
  2. I'm a 33 yr old woman, I came from a simple childhood with a stable home, a mom and stepdad and 2 brothers.I was raised on a small farm in an even smaller one stop sign town. Growing up with small game hunting, fishing and frog gigging, raising goats and helping with the skinning and gutting of whatever kill my dad brought home. I enjoyed being in the woods, riding four wheelers, and driving my drunk friends home. I struggled in school but graduated with enough credits to get a scholarship to college. I chose to take a year off to "figure" out who I was and apparently that meant marrying my high school sweetheart, big mistake. I was young and stupid, this was the obvious choice as a smart move. Not taking into account his years of criminal activity and drug abuse, I assumed he would be a great husband. Shortly after the courthouse wedding, the mental and emotional abuse began, didn't take long for the physical abuse to start. I mustered all the strength I had and left. I moved cities and changed jobs. With a court order I was able to get a divorce. After 2 years I was attempting online college as I was working in a Vets office as a receptionist. The ideal life of a college degree was a far away dream by this point. I was living in a large city working at the vets office in my inexpensive one bedroom apartment with my second hand furniture and a fourth hand car. My life was pretty perfect, I was happy and content in life, well as content in life as I could be. I was happy with the simplicity of it all, no drama, a routine that was everything but exciting. I had trust issues, never truly trusting anyone in my life, I was always ending new relationships with exaggerated flaws I saw in these people. Even though I was not very trusting I was still able to see from others points of view, never judging anyone, and always offering my unbiased advice. I love helping others which has always been the reason I need to give back, volunteering at various charities and soup kitchens. Fast forward to 2015, I was shopping at Walmart one day for a fishing pole, a friend of mine had invited me to go fishing with a group of people. I had never been fishing alone before, my dad had always been the one to buy the poles we used so I was standing in the isle staring at all these poles as if I was studying for the bar exam. I was lost, when a semi handsome man in wranglers, boots, and a Dysfunctional Veteran t shirt on walked up to me. I guess noticing my confused look, asking for someone to save me, decided to ask me if he could help me find something. He laid his redneck charm on me and I was hooked, we were together for a year before he proposed on a fishing trip of all things. Three months after our wedding day he was deployed to active duty in Chernarus right before the outbreak hit. Knowing what was going on and what was still to come he contacting me to tell me to get to him as quickly as possible so that we could be together and have a better chance of survival during the outbreak. We've gotten separated and are trying to find our way back to each other.
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