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  1. After listening to the recordings, she erases all of them and begins her response. *static is heard, a short buzz* " Loyd, I have received your letters, it is very nice in this day and age to receive an actual hand written letter, so thank you. With each letter an unusual present was left at my door. The last was a stack of car parts, so I am curious as to the man who left them. I would send letters but I don't know where to send them or a person to deliver. *laughter is heard* I am not sure where to go so I will leave you with my private frequency for contact. Find me at 99.6 (MrsSunshine#9414) and I will come find you guys. I will even bring gifts. I look forward to seeing you soon. Be safe and stay well."
  2. I found an article that I have read about using tech during an apocalypse and wondered if DayZRP would allow this use in game? Here is a copy of the article for reference. https://www.forbes.com/sites/antonyleather/2014/05/09/would-smartphones-be-useful-in-a-zombie-apocalypse/#21e3e8ba69c5 1. Charging cell phones or other devices with a generator? If this is already a thing in game I haven't seen it RP'd. I have seen other's jerry rig a car battery and metal wire but that's it. 2. Using said cellphone for GPS or a pre-downloaded compass? 3. Using pre-downloaded survival apps? Yes, I know we are almost 3 years into this and I am trying to consider all options for RP but I do not want to use it if it would not be allowed. ***I know that there have already been RP uses of things like this in different instances, I have seen it RP'd but I am more interested in the cell phone app uses and if it is allowed. Thank you
  3. It was very nice meeting 'John' @Doctor Ice, We had a nice long chat and I taught him to make stew. Hope to see you again
  4. *static comes through the radio followed by a soft spoken american female* "I am looking for a Loyd Farow, he came by my home left me a generous note and even took care of my garden. I am doing well as well as I can. I would love to come for dinner. Please contact me."
  5. That would be The Consortium. Originally the Moretti Consortium, but it is Archived now.
  6. Everything looks good. I hope to hear good things. There have been a lot of Mafia families in the past, you would be the second official group on Livonia, or the third, if we incude the Columbo's. I hope you guys are able to bring something that the other's did not and can last a long time. Also, as a Genovese, I need to point out that you did spell Genovese's wrong in your background. Other than that it looks good guys, Best of luck!
  7. Interested to possibly RP with the group and attending one of the sermons.
  8. No School today. Happy Presidents Day... Kill me now

    1. FalkRP


      @CraneDriverRP  and me are supporting Trump today 

    2. MrsSunshine
  9. MrsSunshine


    Yes, I would love to do this. +1
  10. Link to the situation: n/a Any supporting evidence or notes: n/a Feedback: I recently came to Hofer to help me in a situation that I didn't quite know how to handle. I was told that he was honest, unbiased, and the person to go to essentially. I was not disappointed, he gave me sound advice and pointed me in the right direction. I have been pleased with how I see him handle different situations. He is also a kind person and very easy to talk to. I haven't a bad word to say. I look forward to further roleplay in the future as well Suggestions for improvement: Keep up the good work
  11. I never really got to RP with you guys on Chernarus, so I look forward to running into you
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