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  1. Donald Patrick Raynor was born 15/11/1990 Bons Secour Hospital Galway was the 3rd and youngest of the Raynors and the in the shadow of his older brothers James and Patrick followed in their footsteps, growing up in a rough and unforgiving part of Ireland in the connemara peninsula Donald found it tough to try and keep up with his older brothers, always falling short and failing to 'Impress' them, through this donald failed at education and dropped from his education at the age of 14, A complete rebel and nothing like his brothers donald fell into the life of Performance enhancing drugs and addiction to the gym, after years of this destructive lifestyle Donald now known as 'Donny' decided to move away with his long distance girlfriend who lived in Liverpool England, Donny arrived in Liverpool and found it hard to adjust to his new surroundings, getting drunk and fighting often of a weekend and aventually broke up with his partner. Donny moved back home to Ireland, unbeknown to his family donny reached out to his older brother James to help him change his ways, Donny eventually began to attend college and try to fix what he'd missed out on, James recognised that Donald was certain about changing his ways and decided to help him enlist into the Irish army and try make a better future for himself, Donald enlisted into the Ranger wing with his brother's help in 2009 and never looked back.
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