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  1. My name is Terrance " Toad " Anderson, and before the outbreak I was a hunter/trapper in, Wiseman, Alaska. After the conclusion of the civil war in Chernarus, I decided to take advantage of the peace to visit my great aunt who lived in the town of Staroye, who I had not seen since I was a boy. The town, like most of the countryside, was surround by dense forest, filled with plenty of game, some foreign to me even. I stayed in Staroye for 2 months before deciding that I wanted to stay, and leave my solitary life behind me, to pursue a more active role in life, that of a provider. Life was simple for a few years, until the political tensions started to rise again. We would hear daily reports over the radio of protests and unrest across the country. When martial law was declared, we decided to stay in Staroye, despite neighboring villages and towns passing through, fleeing to the west. Life was tense, and the increase in military activity was apparent, but life remained simple for a while. Then the Russians bombed Severograd, and all hell broke loose. First it was a few families fleeing from what we assumed was some kind of invasion, but as more and more people passed through, we learned of strange attacks, from people who were what a few people described as " rabid and mindless". We had run low on food, as the stores had closed and their owners had moved on, so I decided to leave the town for a day or two, to hunt for deer and small game.I returned to a scene of pure chaos. People i once knew, dead in the streets, and others running for their lives, chased by what looked like other people, only... different somehow. I ran to my Auntie's house, only to find it ransacked, and my relatives dead. I fled the town, and ran for what seemed like days, heading further into the forests, to hide. I've lived off the land of Chernarus, in solitude, cowering in fear of what roams the land of this god forsaken place. But a man can only hide for so long. I will emerge from my camp, and find others who might have managed to survive, to rebuild.
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