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  1. 22:30:39 | Player "Anthony Torrez" (DEAD)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Chris Iris" into Brain(37) for 110 damage (Bullet_762x54) with Mosin 91/30 from 80.2749 meters If you look at this, Anthony was the last person you shot in town and that was the last engagement we had 00:42:31 | Player "Destrian Rogers" (DEAD)[HP: 0] hit by Player "Chris Iris" into Torso(24) for 110 damage (Bullet_762x54) with Mosin 91/30 from 136.336 meters And I know we can all most likely do basic math and when you shot me it had been well over two hours.
  2. @ImNovaaa A liar I am not, I believe that your perception of time is horrible and I can understand calling us liars to try to get your punishment removed is a valid option for you, but it's unnecessary. Also asking me to take down the report means you obviously knew what you did wrong.
  3. @ImNovaaa if you want to look at logs when you killed Anthony Torrez, in the town was the last bit of contact that you had with the group which was an hour prior to you shooting and killing me.
  4. I was already dead from being the first one to die by @ImNovaaa and was afk after it so I really don't know what happened, all I know is that after he died he said he was loading in and after being able to see he had a man with a mosin aiming at him in our base and was shot.
  5. the thing is what happened at that base, I wasn't even apart of that situation, all I did was sit in the watch tower of our base for more than an hour only being talked to by one man who I assumed was a random guy and even try to give him a gun but he left with no hostile intent and that was it and it was quiet for about 45 to 55 minutes after that and then I get shot with no rp leading up to it, which is what this ticket is about. to figure out why I was killed with no rp.
  6. but you didn't even know who I was, I was just there at the base and I wasn't even apart of that situation, you just decided to shoot me because you felt like it with no rp to even figure out who I was. @ImNovaaa
  7. @ImNovaaa not to be disrespectful but no where in your pov claim did you say why you shot me. I had been hanging around our base for well over an hour with no shots fired. I also have a video of me just sitting there talking in discord 10 minutes prior to the shots.
  8. Server and location: S1 Berezino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): (UTC): 2019-07-07, 00:49 Your in game name: Destrian Rogers Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://streamable.com/yadbf Detailed description of the events: I heard on the radio while I was out gathering loot that there was trouble near our base so I ran back to Berezino and I had been sitting in our based just chilling, and watching around for a little more than an hour, I peaked up for a second and got shot at by a suppressed weapon and nothing has been said to me ic for about an hour and I peaked up again doing the friendly dance and got shot again with no words said and zero rp has been had with me for an hour prior to this. and the only rp that I have had was some random guy named Jax or Jake came up to our bases asking about what was happening and I told him that some people where causing trouble and he left but nothing hostile was said and I have not spoke to anyone else besides him.
  9. Destrian Rogers, Age 26, he was brought to Chernarus by his company to work abroad before the outbreak, he was accountant who worked 9 to 5 every day, little deviated between his day to day life but little did Destrian know his routine was about to be ruined by an outbreak that will destroy humanity and he will have to learn how to survive, using what little outdoor skills he has... it's going to be rough for him but Destrian is a smart man and staying calm, and thinking about how to save himself is the only thing that keeps him sane through all the madness and death. Destrian knows that being by himself is a safe option but it also comes with it's downsides of going insane from being paranoid all the time and finding people that he can trust will almost be invaluable to him so he can rely on them to set himself at ease. he is generally a calm and well thought at man but in times such as this who has time to sit down and think without driving themselves crazy, his main goal is to try to scope out groups of people and try to find out who he can and can't trust.
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