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King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)
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  1. Thank ya for the invite
  2. PZH by Dr Mark Taylor

    Nah but I am intrigued on the idea
  3. [SSC][?] Lake Pit-stop

    There are 2 tents behind the car (which is just a placeholder atm) I'll probably add in a table with some documents radio etc
  4. [GAME] My face when

    MFW I try to follow all of this
  5. [SSC][?] Lake Pit-stop

    then some sort of a table with map and radio would be in order, a cup of coffee as well
  6. [SSC][?] Lake Pit-stop

    Saw a couple of vids a few days ago for the editor, and yesterday while running from pobeda to devils castle, i saw a nice little pond just outside of gvozdno...and, well you can see the rest [attachment=1326] [attachment=1327] [attachment=1328] [attachment=1329] [attachment=1330] A nice quiet place to fill up some water, maybe cook some meat and have a small conversation with a fellow surviver
  7. tents

    While a lean to would be cool to see, i think a re skinned tent is the simplest way to go, change the texture in animal hide and thats about it
  8. always playing games and never doing any chores around the house
  9. tents

    Animal hide, nails and some string and logs, with low space...