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  1. I think that the question not yet posed that should be answered is thus: Does this rule apply to ALL neutral groups on the server, or this one specifically? If the answer is YES, it applies to ALL neutral groups; unless they change their goals or take a hard stance IC toward one group or another, then there shouldn't be a problem. if the answer is NO, it only applies to this group and no others, then there is a huge problem. I would appreciate more clarification on this @Roland, and I'm sure others would appreciate it also.
  2. Its an office building, not a school. Its the same building I've had since the first iteration, which you thought then was a fire station. The office building would be fine for our HQ. The other buildings are to be used by the civilian side of our group as fronts and to bring in revenue (per our goals), which is one of the main things the mafia does. I'm very burned out having to explain and justify how this does in fact work for our group but I believe the preconceptions of a 'Mafia' are overwhelming and too hard to overcome. Our group will simply continue to use one of the cities already in-game for our needs, we already have one of the largest RP hubs anyhow. As always, I am open to discussions or input via PM. Close the thread please.
  3. @Roland Changes made, more civilian looking.
  4. Ohhhhh noooo!! Welcome back, hope y'all have a good go of it. Hope to see you in game!
  5. @neom @Eagle @OxeN @Ronnie Thank you all for the feedback, its greatly appreciated! Hope to see you all in-game again.
  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm sorry that the conflict makes you want to stay away from us @andysuter, but its not as bad as some people make it out to be. Thanks for the feedback @neom, you boys are a hoot to be around. Thanks for the feedback @Mademoiselle. I don't really know how to address any of this as its not really pertinent feedback to our RP and honestly feels like a personal attack against some of the members of my group because you don't like their RP. I honestly feel that this feedback would better be left on their CPs instead of my group page. Let me hit some of the points from your posts here and address them in a better sense than my group members did. My final remark to this feedback is thus: If you feel this strongly then there is but one simple solution. Stop coming to Zalesie and looking for us, stop trying to find us and we will do the same. If we happen across one another on the road, then what happens will happen. The simple fact that you have all these issues and yet you still come around without giving any positive feedback to help improve the relationship between the groups and without giving feedback to individuals to improve their role play comes across very badly to me. I am always available to talk with if you have issues as I have stated multiple times, if there is an issue with my group or the members, reach out to me and I will try to correct the problem. If you see bad RP from someone in this group then either talk to them or myself OOC and we will resolve the situation. None of these things have happened, which to me reads that you have just been banking this crap in an attempt to leave retorts as such on us instead of trying to better the community. I would have expected better from someone who has as much invested in this community as you do.
  7. Solid group, good luck y'all. Hope to see you around in-game.
  8. Looks good, will be a nice addition. //Approved
  9. We were headed down to Sitnik to see what was happening. We arrive to only find one person there, whom we initiate on and take hostage. He could not provide us any information that we needed. We plundered a few things and waited for about 10 minutes to see if anyone would turn up. I posted the radio broadcast and we waited a few minutes, we were getting ready to head out when I see @God run by me and go into the church tower. At this point we decided to RP with him and some other fellows that had showed up. A HMMVW drives into the compound and a few guys hop out. One of them asked "Who here is Consortium?" I responded with "I am, now everyone put your hands up!" while aiming my weapon at one of them. The guy I was aiming at decided to non-com and starts shooting at me, hitting me once I think. I unload on him, see another guy with a weapon out and so I shoot him as well. (I belive this was @Zanaan, I wasn't focused on him and did not realize he had crashed, it happened pretty quickly.) I chat a minute with some others who were not involved, asking them to put their hands up because they had accidentally been shot. I turned to run over by the HMMVW and everything went black. I will not do a back and forth in this report. I will answer any questions that staff has for me. Thank you.
  10. Feel free to PM me with your recommendations.
  11. Unfortunately sometimes life pops up and people can't get on for a time. No one in the group has surpassed the 14 day mark yet and all have told me they plan on returning as soon as they are able. The size of this prefab is largely due to the 10-ish people from my wife's group who will be living there with us as civilians to run the businesses and hospital. Thank you for your feedback.
  12. Thanks for your feedback guys. Feel free to PM me if you would like to go into more detail.
  13. @Ron - @C-J Updated, thank you very much for your feedback.
  14. So I have a better idea, you are saying to move the pub inward some and place a wall there, so that the fence is more realistic, yes? When you put it like that, yes, the chapel probably needs to be moved ..... Great feedback, check back shortly for the update. I'm not sure what you are looking at that is clipping. What buildings should be moved? How should it be restructured? This feedback is welcomed, but I need more context other than generalized statements so that I can fix it. Feel free to PM me or hop in Discord.
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