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  1. Goals and Roster updated accordingly.
  2. Skeeterbolt

    The Wolf Pack [Open - Strict IC Recruitment]

    Been enjoying the RP with y'all when we are able to get down there and hang out. Hopefully we will be able to stop by more often!! That was definitely the oddest initiation I've been part of but was tense and fun none the less!!
  3. Welcome to the party! Robert Fleming - @Hactivision Rover Nix - @iGROOCK
  4. Edited to add new graphics. Hopefully better than the last. Goals updated.
  5. Thanks! We always enjoy having y'all around.
  6. Skeeterbolt

    Domorodci (Recruitment Open)

    Good firefight in Novaya earlier
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  11. Server and location: S2 Novaya Petrovka School Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 8/11/2019 - Unknown Time Your in game name: Gatson Jackson Names of allies involved: Richard Kreyneium Name of suspect/s: @C-J, possibly others - Refer here Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 2 Gunters and an Ada Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: At approximately 1400 EST, I logged into the game. I was informed by Richard via a note taped to my door (discord) that we had been robbed and a lot of our stuff was gone. Upon further inspection, I noticed that three of our cars were gone along with about 10-15 guns, no big deal. What pisses me off about this is that there is car parts that were thrown on the ground when there was plenty of storage for them inside the tents, barrels and crates that they rummaged through. They stored some stuff from the tent they took and threw some on the ground. If they had the time to store half the shit, why not all of it?
  12. Edited to update goals and group roles.
  13. @King and co. - Good RP today, thoroughly enjoyed it. Hopefully some more in the future, though with less knives and shit Also @Goa, @Bobroglaz and the other guys with yall. I enjoyed that visit and it was quite productive, hope to see yall again soon!
  14. From my short time on this server (Myself being new to DayZ RP but not DayZ or Roleplay) it seemed something that would be beneficial to the community. I hope it is something we can keep going and raise the bar on roleplay, gameplay and DayZRP rules. I'm a noob with Photoshop, lol. I probably need to take some classes when I get the chance. Thanks to everyone else also, we are excited to see if we get approved!
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