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  1. Fyodor Yakivlev was born in 1987 in Svetloyarsk, Chernarus. The son of a math teacher and a carpenter, he lead a simple life. He was an ethnic Russian (Russko Rrom, but who's counting), living in a Soviet satellite state. During his early years, the USSR folded and Western influences began to arrive. When Fedya was 14, his family decided to move to the US for more opportunities. His father found a decent union job working at an aviation factory, his mother continued her education and resumes teaching. Fedya, however, lacked ambition in life, and instead joined the military as a combat engineer. He spent a few years blowing things up and touring the world, before he got a special assignment. The US was deploying troops to stabilize Chernarus, and they needed interpreters and local cultural experts. So he went with them. Eventually the military was beaten back and their scattered remnants left to fend for themselves. For Fedya this wasn't nearly as big of a deal. He began by scouting around his old neighborhood; but, not finding any surviving family, he settled on simply surviving for a while, starting a garden plot, listening on the radio, and delicately trusting other survivors, just for the rare good conversation.
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