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  1. Hello All, My name is Zombie and I’m 18 years old. Heard about this server and instantly thought of a character I wanted to play as. I’m very new to DayZ but I’ve always loved RP servers. I’ve never been one to shoot first in public servers and while it had allowed me to meet and make some friends, I’ve sometimes ended up dead because of it. I do have some interesting hobbies ranging from Theater to Football. I stream on Twitch. I also work two jobs. I have a twin brother in the server. I have plenty of experience writing creative characters and I’ve wrote and submitted plays for competitions. I also worked as a journalist and covered the Birmingham Iron of the AAF for its very short existence. I am also about to start college at Auburn University in May. So, War Eagle....
  2. “The Dead Are Dead Until the Rapture or Resurrection”. Reading that in the Bible, I didn’t think about it much at that time. But since the outbreak, it’s been running through my head. Is this the resurrection? Because, I know damn well this isn’t the Rapture. Maybe we should have seen this coming. Hell, maybe Jesus was the first zombie. These things seem almost trapped. Maybe somewhere deep down there souls are trapped in their bodies. Maybe they can see, hear, and taste everything. And it’s my job to free them. My name Is Adam Chapman. I’m 23 and a deeply religious fellow. I was born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Florida and was sent to Chernarus on a mission trip. I was never one for violence or blood but these things don’t compromise. It’s time to round them up, give them one last sermon and free the trapped souls from their demonic bodies; preferably with machine guns. God sure does work in mysterious ways...
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